OK, so you're growing some weed in your house, and you need to guard it—totally rational! You could get ten black bears, but shit, you're busy growing and selling all this weed!

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Who's going to take care of the bears? Who's going to comb their fur? Feed them? And if someone breaks into your growing den, presumably they've got a gun—do you know how easy it is to shoot a bear? I don't, but I'm guessing pretty easy—and then down goes the bear, and your stash. You know what's smarter? A fucking alligator. Does anyone even know how to kill an alligator? Do you step on it? Strangle it? Too late—your weed-stealing arm just got chomped off.


Some enterprising marijuana farmers had this bright idea, though their 55-pound scaled sentinel ultimately wasn't enough to keep the cops away. [Riverside Press-Enterprise via BoingBoing]