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The Photograph That Became an Unintentional Cultural Icon

Noam Galai took a few photos of himself in 2006 and uploaded them to his Flickr. A few people liked those photos, but he didn't think of it. Over time, he began to see his photos popping up all over magazines, the internet and as street art. Then it began appearing on commodities (clothes, books, etc.). Now, it's being used as a symbol of protest in Iran. The crazy part is that nobody asked his permission. More »

Razer Black Widow Ultimate Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are the miniguns of gaming gear: Heavy, ostentatiously clacky, and downright murderous. They're commensurately uncommon and expensive. Razer's Black Widow is the latest, a surprisingly spare piece of kit from Razer, considering its typical aggro-gamer mode of existence. More »

The Instant City

This used to just be a marsh. But, by 2015, the unlikely partnership of a New Jersey office park developer and the South Korean government will have transformed it into a bustling, LEED-certified, metropolis the size of downtown Boston. Could this become the city of the future? In Aerotropolis, we see how this prefabricated city came to be. More »

Where and When Can I Buy the iPad 2?

The iPad 2 is coming out tomorrow, March 11th. Do you know where you're going to buy one from? Do you know who's selling them? We'll tell you all you need to know right here. More »

New FAA Rule Turns Airplane Lavatories Into Deadly Traps

Air Worthiness Directive 2011-04-09. That's the name of a new FAA rule that might kill you one day. It dictates that emergency oxygen masks should be removed from lavatories in every commercial plane in the United States. More »

Apple TV Can Be the Cable-less Future Sports Fans Have Dreamed Of

For a die hard sports fan, it's a sad, tough life without cable. You need it to watch all the games you can! Hell, it's really the only reason why I still fork over a $100 every month to money-garbing Time Warner these days. More »

Hackers Just Created $1 Million in Microsoft Points

Microsoft points are the digital currency you use to buy Xbox and Zune content, and you can buy cards that are pre-loaded with points to enter in to your account. Problem? Just like with the iTunes gift cards, somebody discovered the algorithm Microsoft uses to generate valid codes, and loosed it onto the internet. More »

The Most Beautiful Truck Crash Ever

A truck carrying 8,000 gallons of printer ink flipped over on an interstate in Peabody, Massachusetts this morning, resulting in what must be the most colorful car crash in history. No one was injured, so feel free to enjoy the aftermath with child-like glee. More »

A Barbecue You Can Sling Over Your Shoulder

I pretty much hate the beach, the woods, or anywhere else I'd have use for a portable barbecue. However, I love this Element grill by Fuego, not only for it's folding design, but because it still looks really, really good. More »

This Motorized Skateboard Cruises for Miles Off-Road

Normal skateboards are fine and all, but don't you ever get sick of pavement? It's a little limiting, no? Fiik makes skateboards that cruise wherever you want, using an 800-watt motor and chunky, off-road tires. And that motor's controlled by remote-you steer yourself like you would an RC car, with enough battery to roll for up to 19 miles (!). More »