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Japan Earthquake Strikes: Full Coverage

A 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan today at 12:46am EST, the largest ever suffered by Japan and among the world's Top 10. Thousands of videos are pouring in, as the country stands still in the middle of disaster. More »

12 Pieces of Fallen Space Debris

Not all space-borne objects touch down as gracefully as the space shuttle Discovery. Our friends at have some examples of of objects that took a route. More »

Dell Venue Pro

There are automobiles more compact than the Dell Venue Pro. And typically, when convertibles transform, they shed volume. The Venue Pro expands to the length of a small banana. But it's perhaps the most interesting Windows Phone out there. It's the only one with a usable keyboard for now, at any rate. More »

This Is the Power of the Japan Tsunami

It's just a computer model of the Japan tsunami waves created by the NOAA Center for Tsunami Research, but it's scary anyway. Maybe is the use of red streams and the dark black and purple epicenter. It looks as if the planet was bleeding. More »

The Romantic Batman Lair You Can Book for $50 a Stay

Please bear in mind that that $50-per-stay fee is only for three hours. Romantic stay with the missus this ain't. Instead, Taiwanese travellers can choose the Bat-lair room in the 46-room motel in Kaohsiung City, and take advantage of the life-size Batmobile. More »

These Indestructible Rubber Speakers Amplify Your Earbuds to 80dB

There are plenty of situations which warrant music but aren't exactly conducive to real speakers, vacations and day trips foremost among them. Tembo Trunks, a Kickstarter project conceived by two Australian brothers on holiday in Africa, looks to be the perfect acoustic compromise. More »

Boost Your iPad's Ego With This Laser Cut Cherry Wood Stand

There are plenty of nice iPad stands-the flashy Joule, say, or the utilitarian Compass-but there's nothing wrong with wanting to see a little wood grain behind your tablet's sleek metal lines. This gorgeous iPad stand from Etsy user Ideasinwood is laser cut from Pennsylvania cherry, inlaid with a nice floral design, and has two sets of notches (one for typing height, one for video-watching height). More »

It's a Good Thing Not Many People's Names Begin With "Q," as This Fan Costs $205

Like many others, I compulsively collect things in the shape of the first letter of my name. There's no way I'd pay 145 Euros ($205) for a small desk fan though-even if it is made from aluminum and stainless steel. More »

Pop-Up Restaurant Will Sit Atop Famous Buildings and Mountains

Swedish appliance giant Electrolux is commissioning a series of restaurants to temporarily sit on top of famous buildings and mountains in Europe. Yes, the idea is insane and no, we have no idea how they got permission to do this. More »