Read It Later: Read It Later is like an Instapaper—saves articles to read later—but as Instapaper doesn't have an Android app, this is as good as it gets for enjoying long form reads when you want. The app gives you really clean viewing of the articles, without the jumble of sidebars and banner ads. Decently cheap at only $1.

App Hunter:Everybody loves saving a buck. App Hunter has a special section dedicated to Android apps that are on sale to make sure you always get the most bang. Free apps are the best, but cheaper-than-usual apps aren't bad! Free.

TetherGPS: TetherGPS works with nearly any Android tablet-not just the Nook Color-and it basically tethers your tablet to a GPS-enabled Android phone via Wi-Fi. The Android phone will feed GPS data to the tablet device, and you'll get to navigate using a gadget with a larger screen. $3

StubHub: After having their app available on iPhone, StubHub finally decided to bring it to Android with all the features I use: buy tickets, search calendars, browse lists, determine by location, select favorite teams, check seats and all ticket related options. Great for those who like to catch a game or rock out to a concert every now and again. Free.

Socialcam: A super social video app. Kyle says:
Built on top of JustinTV's mobile live streaming infrastructure, Socialcam, available for iOS and Android, takes the guesswork and legwork out of sharing smartphone video. You can add friends, like and comment on videos, and share your own uploads with your Socialcam pals. You shoot video in the app itself, and it speedily starts uploading while you peck out a title or, optionally, tag Socialcam friends in the clip. The videos you make automatically pop up in the feeds of those you're following, but the app makes it easy to send clips to friends who don't have the app over SMS, Email, Facebook or Twitter.

Angry Birds Seasons: A St. Patty's Day filled update, you get 15 new levels all decked out in green, pots o golds and rainbows. You already know you're gonna get it.

Doodle Frog: Exactly like the classic Frogger only doodle-ized. I personally enjoy the crayon-esque scribble graphics as it feels like I'm living some sort of elementary school fantasy. Only I'm old now but who cares! Free trial, or $1.38

Feedly: For Android tablets, Feedly is a RSS Reader (in beta) that looks absolutely great and gives your feeds a "magazine-y feel". It lets you easily share to Google Reader and Twitter and talks to Instapaper and Read It Later too. Good to try cause it's free.