Here are the best stories on Gizmodo this week. Enjoy!

What iPad 2 Should You Buy?

This graphic guide will tell you what is the perfect iPad 2 for you, depending on where and how you are planning to use it (click on the image to expand). More »

Japan Earthquake Strikes: Full Coverage

A 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan today at 12:46am EST, the largest ever suffered by Japan and among the world's Top 10. Thousands of videos are pouring in, as the country stands still in the middle of disaster. More »

The Photograph That Became an Unintentional Cultural Icon

Noam Galai took a few photos of himself in 2006 and uploaded them to his Flickr. A few people liked those photos, but he didn't think of it. Over time, he began to see his photos popping up all over magazines, the internet and as street art. Then it began appearing on commodities (clothes, books, etc.). Now, it's being used as a symbol of protest in Iran. The crazy part is that nobody asked his permission. More »

New FAA Rule Turns Airplane Lavatories Into Deadly Traps

Air Worthiness Directive 2011-04-09. That's the name of a new FAA rule that might kill you one day. It dictates that emergency oxygen masks should be removed from lavatories in every commercial plane in the United States. More »

91 Common Objects As You've Never Seen Them Before

Here are 91 everyday objects, photographed by Gizmodo readers. Can you identify them? (Seriously, can you help identify them? Several don't have answers!) More »

Recon-Zeal Transcend Heads Up Display Snow Goggles

These are snowboarding/ski goggles with a little heads up LCD and GPS. Think of it as a fighter jet pilot's helmet for the slopes. More »

Facebook Is AOLifying the Internet-and That Sucks

When an entire generation of computer users first poked our doe-eyed faces onto a young internet, many of us were greeted with a single, encompassing, monolithic face peering back: the AOL Home Screen. To call it a young internet isn't even fair-it was a mature, thriving AOL. It was ubiquitous, it was powerful, it was everything-and it ended up destroying itself, too flawed by design to last. And someone's trying to rebuild the Death Star. More »

The Video of the Real Life Up! House Flying Away

You already saw the photos of the real life Up! house, but here's the video. It truly looks amazing and unreal. A strangely magical moment. More »

Grand New Opry

The Guangzhou Opera House. Just completed after seven years of construction, the insta-landmark comprises two separate buildings and overlooking Guangdong Province's Pearl River. More »

Robot Spy Cameras Capture Awe-Inspiring Arctic Circle Images

Did anyone catch 60 Minutes just now? Bob Simon-who always seems to get the really interesting international assignments-was invited to go along on a polar bear expedition at the top of the world. What he saw there was amazing and...robotic? More »