March Madness! We're just two hours away from another awesome dance. But you know what makes the NCAA tournament even better this year? Apps! You can watch all the games, win your office pool, get a betting edge, root for your team, and even automate your bracket picks, all from your smartphone. Here are the six best apps for March Madness.

NCAA March Madness On Demand: The absolute must-have app for the tournament. You can watch every game of the NCAA tournament on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for free. You can also keep track of your bracket, see TV schedules, and on the iPad, use the Game Center feature to keep track of stats as you watch the games on the big screen. I'm popping a Jimmer just thinking how awesome this app will be. [iTunes]

ESPN Bracket Bound 2011: If you use ESPN to set up your bracket, you can keep track of your picks with the uber-convenient ESPN's app. It lets you keep tabs of your bracket, track scores and stats in GameCast, and provides the latest highlights. A one stop shop of sorts, especially useful if you're on Android and can't get NCAA March Madness On Demand. [iTunes, Android Market]

Pocketbracket: If you're willing to pay a buck, Pocketbracket is the best bracket tracker around. You can make unlimited brackets, organize unlimited pools and if you're lazy, even let it complete your bracket with their 'SmartPick' feature. Stats and scores are updated live and you can see how many picks you blow as the bracket scores and ranks itself with the rest of the world. [iTunes, Android Market]

Pick My Bracket: It seems like the less I watch college basketball in the regular season, the better my brackets get. But this year, I'm not just going to guess, I'm taking it to the next level and automating a few of my brackets with Pick My Bracket for Android. The app uses statistics from each team and a "smart formula" to evaluate matchups and pick a winner. Fun to see how computer logic does against your "pick the team with the coolest jersey and mascot" strategy. [Android Market]

iOdds: March Madness is one of the biggest gambling events of the year and here at Giz we don't just condone gambling, we think it can transform mundane games between Morehead State and Lousville into lifelong memories. So worth it! iOdds gives you the spread, moneyline, total, first half line and odds of each game. It's like a Vegas sportsbook (without the smell of cigarettes and cocktail waitress perfume) on your phone. You can even get an idea of what the public is betting because the app will give you the betting breakdown. [iTunes]

NCAA March Madness Fan Zone: It's a centralized place to support your favorite team, talk trash and keep track of scores. If you don't have anyone to watch the games with or happen to be stuck at work, you'll find thousands of people just like you here. You can even create groups and invite your Facebook and Twitter friends. [iTunes, Android Market]

Others: I typically like Sportacular and Live Scores for the iPhone and Android but will probably use ESPN's ScoreCenter more during the tourney for the highlights. ScoreCenter XL on the iPad is the awesome. Thuuz is a great website that tells you which games are worth watching through their excitement monitor and I like using Quickish, another website, to see what people are talking about in sports.