The Rainbow Clouds of Everest | Light reflects off of minuscule ice crystals in the cloud's vapor as they pass behind Earth's highest peak. (Photo by Oleg Bartunov)

This Is the Actual Sound of the Japan Earthquake, Captured Underwater

This is the actual sound of the Japan 9.0 earthquake, recorded in real time by the deep ocean hydrophone network of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology in Hatsushima-on March 11. More »

How to Ditch Slow Wireless Speeds and Go Completely Wired in Your Home (and Why You Should)

Wi-Fi provides a convenient way to connect the computers in your home without dealing with the hassle of wires, but Wi-Fi is also slow and unreliable compared to a wired connection. More »

World's Largest Online Pedophile Network Busted

194 sickos were arrested and 670 pedophile suspects have been identified in what is believed to be the biggest bust of the world's largest online pedophile network. More »

Nyko's Charge Base S For Xbox 360 Improves On The Unimprovable

Because modern console controllers are all wireless, keeping them constantly charged is as vital to the gaming experience as choosing the right controller. That's why the original Nyko Charge Base was like my personal team doctor, making sure the guys were ready and charged for game time. More »

Is it Possible to Build a Disaster-Proof Nuclear Power Plant

Nobody wants a radioactive plume dispersing killer particles across the globe. It happened once (Chernobyl) and people are freaked that it's gonna happen again in Japan. Since the deadly Soviet bungle, reactors have gotten safer-but are they safe enough? More »

Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4 Display Shoot-Out

Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies has made it his mission to suss out the best smartphone, tablet, HDTV, and multimedia displays from the worst with his Display Technology Shoot-Out series. More »

David Letterman's Top 10 Reasons To Buy iPad 2

Okay, so maybe this is coming a week late, but the iPad 2 caught Letterman's eye last night for a good ol' fashioned Top 10. I'm excited to discover that these lists are still (mostly) funny! More »

Don't Let the Kids Play With This Naughty Adult Toy Car

At first glance, this car looks like any old toy-until you notice the incongruous silhouette of a restrained passenger, taken hostage by five suited people. In the trunk, weapons give you a glimpse at what's going on. More »

50 Fukushima Heroes Work On, as Radiation Levels Soar

Pausing for respite for a few hours, the "Fukushima 50," as they've become known, finally had a chance to catch their breath. More »