Mikey Likes It | If you see Mike Tyson make any other face when you mention Angry Birds, run for your life.

How To Get Around the NY Times Paywall

The NY Times will flip the switch on its digital paywall next Monday, and the Grey Lady don't come cheap: $15/month for the website and the phone app, $20/month for the website and the iPad app, or a wallet-singeing $35 for web, phone, and iPad. But there are loopholes! And they are generous. Here's your game plan. More »

28 Videos Played Backwards

For this month's Video Challenge, we asked you to play with video reversal - backwards playback. What did we learn? You're obsessed with coffee and the word "love." Of course, coffee made it to the finals while love did not. More »

iPad 2 Review

Here's the simple truth about the iPad 2: There is nothing else like it. Maybe it won't make you feel the way it makes me feel. Maybe it won't replace your laptop. Maybe it could be even thinner and lighter and faster. But there is nothing else like it. More »

Whoa! Your New iPad Will Stick To Your Fridge

Provided your new iPad is attached to its magnetical Smart Cover, it'll cling on to your refrigerator like a spider monkey to a tree branch. Or like something magnetic to something metal. It's true! That's my iPad sticking to my fridge this very morning. More »

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The Six Best Apps for March Madness

March Madness! We're just two hours away from another awesome dance. But you know what makes the NCAA tournament even better this year? Apps! You can watch all the games, win your office pool, get a betting edge, root for your team, and even automate your bracket picks, all from your smartphone. Here are the six best apps for March Madness. More »

Break Me Off a Piece of This Ginormous 15lb Kit Kat Bar

Sure, eating a 15lb Kit Kat bar would probably kill you. But can you think of a more chocolate-and-wafery way to go? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to size up my bathtub's dimensions and buy nougat in bulk. More »

Android's Browser Is Way Faster Than Safari on the iPhone

Blaze Software conducted a ridiculously comprehensive browser speed test between Android and iPhone to determine which platform has the faster browser. After 45,000 tests, they found that in terms of straight line browser speed, the Android browser smokes the iPhone. More »

WD My Book Studio Edition II Goes To a Whopping 6TB Now

Western Digital's My Book Studio Edition II was already at the top of the leader board, with four interfaces (FireWire 800/400, eSATA, USB 2.0) and 4TB of storage. But now that the external hard drive comes in 6TB-for a relatively reasonably $550-and adds Apple Time Machine compatibility-it's a pro-level Mac user's dream. Assuming you don't have anything better to dream about than external hard drives. More »