The long road | Can the Japanese people endure this triple catastrophe?

How To Keep Reading the NY Times For Free

The NY Times will flip the switch on its digital paywall next Monday, and the Grey Lady don't come cheap: $15/month for the website and the phone app, $20/month for the website and the iPad app, or a wallet-singeing $35 for web, phone, and iPad. But there are loopholes! And they are generous. Here's your game plan. More »

iPad 2 Review

Here's the simple truth about the iPad 2: There is nothing else like it. Maybe it won't make you feel the way it makes me feel. Maybe it won't replace your laptop. Maybe it could be even thinner and lighter and faster. But there is nothing else like it. More »

This Is the Actual Sound of the Japan Earthquake, Captured Underwater

This thundering is the actual sound of the Japan 9.0 earthquake, recorded in real time by the deep ocean hydrophone network of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology in Hatsushima More »

Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4 Display Shoot-Out

Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies has made it his mission to suss out the best smartphone, tablet, HDTV, and multimedia displays from the worst with his Display Technology Shoot-Out series. More »

50 Fukushima Heroes Work On, as Radiation Levels Soar

Pausing for respite for a few hours, the "Fukushima 50," as they've become known, finally had a chance to catch their breath. More »

32 Epic Photographs

BIG EXCITING PHOTOS!! Yup. We busted out the full caps. After all, we are talking about the 32 entries in this week's Epic Shooting Challenge. More »

Just How Bad Is Japan's Radiation Problem?

As authorities work to avoid a full meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, potentially harmful radiation has already been introduced to the surrounding environment. There's still a good deal that's uncertain about how the situation will play out. More »

The Sad Story of the Real-Life Simpsons House

Back in the day before decent digital cameras, a Fox and Pepsi-sponsored competition was held with the main prize being a life-size replica of The Simpsons' house. Unfortunately its winner chose a cash-prize alternative, and the house was stripped and sold. More »

Japan Nuclear Situation "Out of Control" (Updated)

The European Union's energy commissioner Guenther Oettinger said today that the Japanese nuclear disaster is a lot worse than what Japan is declaring. In fact, he believes it could be an apocalypse: More »