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What's New and Awesome in Firefox 4

Windows/Mac/Linux: Firefox 4 is officially out, and it's got a lot going for it, including a more minimalistic interface, synchronization, and a serious speed increase. Here's what you have to look forward to in Firefox 4. More »

Japan Crisis Update: All Six Reactors Now Connected to External Power

This is a bit of good news: The Tokyo Electric Power Company has managed to connect power lines to all the reactors at their Fukushima nuclear power plant. This doesn't mean that power has been reestablished in its entirety, however. More »

19 Objects Cloned by Light

You know that special Mortal Kombat kick where there are, like, multiple Johnny Cages? Well, by firing a flash a bunch of times during one photo, you can create Johnny Cage kicks out of anything. More »

Please Stop Making 3D Phones

The Evo 3D shouldn't come as a surprise-we've seen the LG Optimus, and know the onslaught of 3D-everything is unstoppable. But inevitability of something doesn't make it good. In fact, 3D phones, fundamentally dumb, make us cringe. More »

Sprint Evo 3D: The Ridiculous 3D Phone You Might Actually Want

Three Dees and Four Gees. That's the Evo 3D. But it's more than that: The screen's a killer 4.3-inch, 960x540 auto-stereoscopic display, meaning it's almost as high-res as the iPhone 4 and pulls off 3D tricks without glasses (like Nintendo's 3DS). More »

Verizon Thunderbolt 4G

The Thunderbolt 4G is the first honest-to-goodness 4G phone on Verizon, the first LTE smartphone you can buy in the US. In other words, it's the fastest phone-connection-wise-that you can buy right now. And holy crap, is it fast. More »

An Etiquette Guide to Tsunamis and Other Disasters

Times of global disaster are ripe for hyper-social networking. Friends sound-off on their walls, and vigorously tweet and blog of impending doom and gloom. And all these updates raise a tough question: How do you respond? More »

A Climbers' Knife Made by a Pro-Climber: the Wenger Titanium Knife

The Swiss professional mountain-climber Ueli Steck worked with Wenger to create this tool, which has blades 50 per cent thicker than the blades usually found on these all-in-ones. More »

Amazon's Android App Store: Your New Android Market

The alternative app store for Android is now live-however much Apple doesn't like others using the term "app store,"-where US Android owners can download the new Angry Birds Rio game for free, along with 3,799 other apps. More »

Sendoid is Like Dropbox, Bittorrent and Rapidshare Rolled Up Into One

There's a new file transfer service on the block, and from the looks of it, it doesn't suck. Sendoid combines the best aspect of sites like Rapidshare and Mediafire, services like Dropbox and protocols such as Bittorrent. More »