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First Look | The Fukushima situation remains critical as images from inside the power plant begin to emerge.

The App Store Moral Quandary

By approving or denying every single app that lines the virtual shelves of its App Store, Apple puts itself in an interesting position: It makes itself personally responsible for every single one. More »

PS3 Hacker Flees the Long Arm of Sony for South American Freedom

The saga of George "geohot" Hotz continues, hurdling deeper into absurdity with each growing unit of acceleration. He fought the law and lost-a judge demanded he hand over his PS3-hack relevant hard drives. His answer? I'm out, bitches. More »

The Ultimate Antivirus Guide: 10 Top Programs Reviewed

In some ways, visiting cyberspace is kind of like entering a crowded subway car during the peak of flu season. You're surrounded by all sorts of germs-in the form of trojans, spyware, viruses, rootkits, etc.-just looking for a vulnerable host to invade and feed on. More »

Phosphor Appear Solid Crystal Display Watch Sure is Shiny

Phosphor's magnetic crystal watch is a bit gaudy, since by its very nature it needs to be adorned by Swarovski crystals. And as everyone knows, Swarovski is not German for the word "restraint." But a watch that mimics an LCD screen by manually flipping over crystals? That's damn cool. More »

The Ohio Supreme Court's Completely Batshit Insane Attempt to Define the Word Photocopier

Call it a photocopier or a generic xerox. We all know exactly what we're talking about. Unless you're Ohio state employee Lawrence Patterson, who last year, in one of the most bizarre legal arguments ever, claimed to have no idea. More »

A Chart: The New York Times Paywall Is Screwed

This chart by Michael DeGusta says nearly everything that needs to be said about the Times' new plan to make you pay for it online. (Well aside from the fact that the NYT paywall is needlessly complicated, to boot.) More »

Antarctica Is Fake Mars

Sending humans to Mars is going to cost gazillion dollars and take a long, long time-but when it does happen, we want to be prepared. How? Go to Antarctica in spacesuits and pretend it's Mars. More »

The Top 10 Worst Nuclear Nightmares

What's happening right now in Fukushima is terrible, for sure. But how does it rank in the pantheon of nuclear disasters? We humans have had an awful lot of atomic foulups; here are the ones that have caused the most widespread contamination and destruction. More »

The Father of Mac OS X Is Leaving Apple

Bertrand Serlet, the guy who led the development of Mac OS X since the beginning, is leaving Apple. He was one of the heavyweights and a legendary figure at the company, even while he wasn't well known by the general public. But why is he leaving? More »

Guests Need Never Know You Cheated When Cooking Them the Perfect Omelette

I'll admit I'm a dreadful omelette cooker: I usually burn the bottoms, or get so impatient I just ram the whole pan into the oven and cook it that way. This Nordic Ware Rolled Omelette Pan makes it look a breeze though, with the divider letting you full the eggs with veggies (and cheese! Glorious cheese!), so you can roll with ease. It's $40. More »