Tent Force One | Take a look inside the President's ultra-secure, mobile communications facility

Happy Birthday, OS X

Apple's prized operating system-you may hate it, you may be in awe of its beauty, you may be using it right now-hits a milestone today. Version ten turns ten-and it's come a long, long way. More »

Google's Witholding Android Honeycomb from the Public Over User Experience Concerns

es, you can buy a Motorla Xoom with Android Honeycomb on it. But according to BusinessWeek, Google isn't releasing the tablet variant of Android to developers publicly because they're worried people will try and shoehorn it into phones. More »

Qatar Will Use $500,000 Artificial Clouds for the World Cup

When I heard that World Cup 2022 was going to be in Qatar, I was confused like everyone else. Isn't it deathly hot over there? But they've got a solution: to make artificial clouds (something Bill Gates has wanted to do) to cool down the temperature. More »

The Perfect Dutch Bike For Those Who Don't Eat Too Much Edam Cheese

Bikes with suspended seats already exist, but none as pretty as these. Sure, it might be more for the laydeeez in the house, but it'd certainly be a talking-point for whoever rides the thing. More »

Jimmy Wong Saves the Internet

It seems like a great time to be a bully. When I was a kid, even the most productive bullies could only manage a handful of victims at a time. What used to take a lot of effort can now be handled with a couple thumbs and some wifi. A hateful rumor can spread a lot faster on Facebook than it could on the school bathroom wall. More »

Giz Explains: Traffic

Americans talk about traffic like the English talk about the weather. It's a constant upset, a never-ending obsession. We've heard the stats: The commuter loses 36 hours a year stuck on the road, over $800 dollars in the same amount of time, and, well, an immeasurable amount of sanity. More »

The 5-in-1 Connection Kit Plugs Cameras, SD Cards, Keyboards and TVs into iPads

The next time someone bitches to you about how your iPad 2 was a waste of money because you can't even transfer photos from your camera to it, just show them this. This 5-in-1 kit works with both the iPad and iPad 2, and has a USB port, SD card and microSD card slots, and unlike the previous connector kit, holes to stick a keyboard and TV cable into. Not all at once, mind. It costs $45. More »

What the Amazon Kindle Tablet Might Be Like

I'm not one to over-specunosticate, but sometimes things are what they are. Like the Amazon tablet. More »

This Star Is So Cold that You Can Actually Drink It

75 light-years away there's a star called CFBDSIR 1458 10b. I would call it Star Latte. See, Star Latte here is a brown dwarf star so cold that you can actually drink it. More »

These Awesome Public Bike Repair Stations Let You Fix Your Bike for Free

These super useful bicycle repair stations have been popping up over Cambridge to encourage biking and make it easier for cyclists to fix their stuff. From the looks of it, there's all the basic tools you need to fix your bike. More »