Sources over at TechCrunch say the iOS upgrade cycle will be shaken up a bit this year, with an iOS 5 unveiling set to occur in the fallā€”not this spring as is usually the case with Apple upgrades.

If true, it would mean Apple iPhone and iPod touch users would have to wait a little while longer to enjoy some of the rumored new features in this substantial iOS upgrade. TechCrunch has a taste of what those new features might be, including:

  • "Music locker" service, conveniently timed to Apple's usual fall season music-themed event
  • Cloud-based location service focused on friends and family members
  • Cloud-based a lot of things, actually, as iOS 5 is rumored to be incredibly focused on "the cloud"


And of course there's OS X Lion. Rumor has it iOS 5 and Apple's desktop OS will be sharing and collaborating a bit more with the release of iOS 5.

Again, rumor and speculation, but for cloud-lovers this has to be music to your ears. Keep an eye open at the WWDC in June. [TechCrunch]