Truck on a Wire | This is how you get to the top of a moutain without actually touching it.

iPhone 5 Most Probable Intro Day: June 6, WWDC2011

If you are waiting for iPhone 5, now you have a solid target day: Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference will start on June 6. The iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 were all launched at previous WWDCs. More »

How To Keep Reading the NY Times For Free (Updated)

The NY Times is flipping the switch on its digital paywall right now, and the Grey Lady don't come cheap: $15/month for the website and the phone app, $20/month for the website and the iPad app, or a wallet-singeing $35 for web, phone, and iPad. More »

This is the scariest tsunami video yet

We've seen a lot of scary videos of this month's deadly Japanese earthquake and tsunami- but nothing like this. Watch as the waves ravage the port of Kesennuma, destroying everything in it's path. More »

Why Won't Consumer Reports Recommend the Objectively Best Phone You Can Buy?

If you are looking to buy a refrigerator or other boxy, new stainless steel-clad appliance, there is likely no better-or at least better respected-reference manual than Consumer Reports. More »

Why Are Millions of Spiders Invading Thousands of Trees and Why Is It Good News?

These huge trees are fully covered with thousands of spiderwebs, something never before seen in Sindh, Pakistan, where this photo was taken. Yes, it's a eewrifying image, but it has had a surprisingly positive effect...More »

Chinese Blogger Arrested amid Online Revolutionary Suppression

In a country with iron-fisted speech policies like China, when bloggers start calling for a full-blown popular uprising, it's a pretty dangerous time to be a blogger. That's exactly what writer Ran Yunfei has found, arrested for his anti-government views. More »

Cancer-Detector the Size of a Dime Can Also Spot HIV

Last month's handheld cancer-sniffing device (pictured) has already met its match in a tool that's the size of a dime-a tool that can spot cancer, but also HIV. The engineers who invented the microfluidic device are hopeful it can be used in developing countries. More »

Guitar strings? Where we're going we don't need strings.

Enter the cool yet incredibly untested HyperTouch Guitar. What's its speciality? Lacks strings. The guitarist plays it using an intricate touchpad. The pad is wildly customizable, but something tells me it's not going to replace string guitars just yet. More »

Today's Texting Teenagers Are Ridiculous

Teenagers! Always on call. Especially here in Boston, where many of them-we've come to discover thanks to the Boston Globe-sleep with cellphones under their pillow. Important texts ("Seeing if you're awake") simply cannot be missed! More »