It's Coming | A prank so diabolically evil it's already been banned in 17 states and most of Canada.

Verizon's 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Has Arrived

Verizon's 4G mobile hotspot is here, which lets up to five your wi-fi devices connect to Big Red's LTE network on the go. More »

How To Track Down an iPad 2 Near You

Sure, you could camp outside your local Apple Store with cheese snacks and a few good magazines, but there's a better way to track down any iPad 2 action in your zip code. And you don't have to leave your computer. More

This Isn't a Robot in a Suit With an iPad Head

I wish this was a robot in a suit with an iPad head that would listen to my problems and respond with an appropriately emotionical face and soothingly bionic voice. It is not! More »

27 Pictures Made of Other Pictures

For thousands of years, Man made mosaics through shards of clay and ceramic, likely the artistic result of reusing broken pots. Today, we do the same thing, but with our leftover digital content: photos. More »

Why are we so captivated by car crashes?

Recently, Chinese authorities created a horribly graphic accident compilation video from surveillance cameras to encourage safe driving. Over 12 million Chinese watched it online. Now it's making the rounds here. Why are people so obsessed with car crashes? More

Why Are Spectres and Warthogs Attacking Gaddafi's Forces Now?

In case you had any doubts about where the war in Libya is going, the Pentagon has admitted today that two new weapons are now part of the coalition forces: The A-10 Warthog and the AC-130 Spectre. More »

Engineering a Better Glass of Booze

When drinking stuff from the cellar, the temperature controlled fridge, or the top shelf, the size of the glass matters-and shape does too. You've likely picked up a bit of this, or at least rolled your eyes at it. More »

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The World's Largest Picture Taken Indoors Is 40 Gigapixels

This is a 40,000 megapixel, 280,000 x 140,000, 360 degree picture of the 868-year-old Strahov Monastery Library in Prague, Czech Republic. A lot of numbers, right? More »

What Is Amazon Cloud Drive?

Amazon's taken a leap into the cloud, and they're taking your music with them. But what exactly is Amazon Cloud Drive? And more importantly: how do you use it? More »

Does The Ultimate Nail Clipper Need a Leather Carrying Case?

Taking the word "ultimate" onto a product lets you raise the price 10-20x over traditional versions, as shown by this Klhip nail clipper that costs $70. Does it really warrant a price tag that high? More »