Pwnage | Apple outsold the tablet competition last year by about this much

The New Essential Apps March 2011: iPhone, Android, iPad and Windows Phone

iPhones! iPads! Android! And yes, Windows Phone 7! We've updated all of our essential apps lists to include a few forgotten favorites, some long awaited arrivals and, as always, even more amazing apps. More »

Why Photoshop for iPad Marks the End of the Desktop Computing Era

The real Photoshop for iPad exists. Adobe showed it yesterday and it looks like a solid digital darkroom. But, more importantly, it marks another step in the ongoing evolution that is changing the way humans interact with machines. More »

The Story of NASA's Martian Lander

Much like pimpin', shooting 770 pounds of scientific equipment through 36 million miles of space and getting it to then work on the surface of another planet ain't easy. Martian Summer recounts the unyielding determination and technological innovation needed to get there. More »

Man Finds Mouse In His Monster Energy Can

Nineteen year old Vitaliy Sulzhik was doing what teenagers do, looking for party fuel at the bottom of an oversized energy drink can. What he found instead? A big ol' dead mouse. More »

Give $1 to Stop Terminators. Seriously.

There's nothing you can do to prevent another Terminator movie. But if you have a buck, you can do something to stop real Terminators...or at least ensure that they'll like us when they show up. More »

Hela Throwing Disc: Frustratingly Fun Flinging

Hela is a "throwing disc," that looks a lot like other "throwing discs" you've probably encountered. But the devil (and the delights!) are in the details. More »

Google Finally Fights Back Against Android Fragmentation

Openness has always been Android's beauty and its curse. Google's mobile operating system is available to any manufacturer that wants a slice, meaning you see it everywhere! It's also historically been a place for hardware specialists and carriers to flex their software muscles More »

Any Watch Can Tell the Time, But Few Can Actually Stop the Time

It appears that the latest must-have feature on luxury watches isn't dozens of tectonic plates; dinosaur bone fragments or the kitchen sink-it's the ability to stop the time. Imagine harried Russian oligarchs allowing their mistresses a few minutes of untimed sexytime. More »

QR Codes: Goodbye and Good Riddance

With the great NFC race looming, Google is axing support for QR Codes in their Places service. QR codes made a noble play for the hearts and minds of nerds, but honestly, I hope this is the first step towards their complete and utter annihilation. More »

This Watch Explodes and Reconfigures Itself Every Hour Just to Tell You the Time

The Harry Winston Opus Eleven doesn't need watch hands. It's got main cylinders which disintegrate and re-assemble every hour to tell you the time. More »