SPB Shell 3D: It's a pretty slick 3D interface for your Android home screen. It's kind of gaudy, which 3D tends to be, but is similar to taking the webOS card interface and flipping it into another dimension, which is pretty futuristic looking! There's also support for smart folders and 3D widgets too. Just watch the video to get a feel for how it transforms your phone into a 3D interface. $15 though.

SnaPanda: A pretty novel dictionary app. So let's say you come across a word you're unfamiliar with in real books or magazines, what do you do? Type it out? You don't have to anymore! With SnaPanda, you just point your phone's camera to the book and tap the word you want to define. The app is in beta but it works pretty well

Bully Block: Davey says:

While other anti-bullying apps mainly feature anonymous reporting-which Bully Block can do too-this app also automatically blocks inappropriate texts and pictures, can auto-respond to messages, and even covertly captures incidents to email them out to the proper officials. Available now for $1.29.

Angry Birds Rio: I keep saying I'm over Angry Birds but damn if I don't keep on playing it. The latest iteration, Rio, is a tie-in with the movie of the same name but that doesn't mean it sucks! In fact, there's just enough newness that I'm with this Angry Bird phase yet again. It started in the Amazon app store, now its in Android Market. Fun as usual and free too.

TapTap Revenge 4: It's that rhyth-based music game you first saw your friends playing but updated to version 4 and finally released on Android. Tap the beat to songs by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars and B.o.B. and battle your friends. Free.

Dungeon Defenders: FW Deluxe: It's sorta like an Action-RPG and sorta like a Tower Defense game but really, it's just all fun. It's been out in Android Market a while and is pretty popular across platforms but it's now free for play for Android. Free

Nuclear Watchdawg: The app finds the nuclear facility closest to your location with detailed information about the nuclear facility including age, power output, license and ownership. Free