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Celebrate April Fools' Day with These Harmless Geek Pranks

Being a geek in a world of "non-tech-savvy" people can get frustrating, but it has its advantages on April Fools' Day. Here are some of our favorite geeky pranks you can play on your unsuspecting co-workers and friends tomorrow. More »

The Most Diabolical Pranks of the Year

April Fools, everyone! We were going to execute some brilliant joke on Giz, but then we sort of ran out of scotch tape and willpower. However! We still love a good prank. So, below are our favorites of the year.* More »

It's Really Too Bad that the Umbrella Vibrator Is Not Real (Yet)

I was going to ask Giz's official sex professor-Dr. Debby Herbenick-for a review of Vibrella, the new sex toy from Babeland. Vibrella is a brilliant idea: An umbrella with a vibrator as its handle. Sadly, it's not real. More »

This Could be the Most Sought-After April Fool's ThinkGeek Gag Yet

Mark my words, this year's ThinkGeek April Fool's prank will wind up coming real-just like that Tauntaun sleeping bag. The only question is whether Apple will be a spoilsport and stop kids from getting a miniature sense of what it's like to queue up for a shiny new iProduct. All because of copyright protection blah blah blahdy blah. More »

James Cameron's Next Plan To Reinvent Cinema

First it was digital projection. Then, 3D. And now James Cameron has set his sites on a more subtle-but possibly more important-innovation in film: frame rates. While the industry has been stuck at 24fps since the Roaring 20s, Cameron believes that by bumping that up to 48fps, or even 60fps, Hollywood can dramatically change our cinematic experience. More »

Your 2011 April Fools' Day Prank Spoiler

It's that day of the year when Google "launches" new features, tech blogs "report" astounding happenings, and every site gets a chance to go a bit crazy. It's April Fools' Day, and these are the pranks worth taking note of. More »

Wrex Titanium Pocket Wrench Lets You Loosen Bolts On The Go

If you fear landing in an emergency situation requiring you to loosen nuts and bolts on the go, consider the Wrex Titanium Pocket Wrench. More »

The Age of $30 Movie Rentals Is Upon Us

Following through on what probably started as an epic round of double dog daring, four major studios-Warner Bros., Sony, Universal and 20th Century Fox-have agreed that charging $30 for streaming movie rentals is a pretty great business model. Not current-run movies, either! "Home Premiere," as it's being called, only includes movies that are up to two months removed from their theatrical debuts. Shut. the. front. door. More »