Future Proof | This receiver will take 4K or none at all.

There's No Such Thing as Safe Radiation

Since Fukushima failed, the Japanese government and TEPCO have obscured the danger of the Fukushima crisis-and it is a crisis. The word "safe" has been tossed about loosely. Unfortunately, when it comes to radiation, there's no such thing. More »

The Popularity of Web Browsers, Visualized

The browser wars may seem to have heated up only recently, but! Browsers have been slugging it out for your attention since as early as 1994. And this infographic, which actually lays things out in a visually interesting way instead of just throwing a bunch of numbers on a few squiggly lines, shows just how the parries and thrusts have gone. More »

How Nazis Planned to Re-Build the Third Reich Using Terror Gadgets and Other Crazy Plans

A group of Nazi agents landing in Florida wearing bathing trunks and Wehrmacht caps. A secret band of blondes spread all over Europe, armed with microbes hidden in handbag mirrors, poison disguised as Bayer aspirins and cigarette lighters that released deadly vapors to kill the Allies' high ranks. And even deeper, a network of sleeping agents ready to cause terror and uprising in territories taken by the American, English and Russian troops. More »

How One Japanese Mariner Took the Tsunami Head On and Won

With tsunami warnings blaring, 64-year-old Susumu Sugawara didn't head for higher ground like most of the 3500 or so inhabitants of Oshima, the small island on which he lives. Sugawara knew that if he let the storm destroy his fleet, his island risked becoming isolated after the calamity subsided. So he got in his favorite boat, "Sunflower," said goodbye to the rest of his fleet, and headed out to sea to face the tsunami head-on. More »

Larry Takes Over Google Today: Here's What It Means For You

In a then surprising move, Eric Schmidt stepped away from his position as Google CEO in January to make room for co-founder Larry Page. Schmidt has moved into an Executive Chairman role, and Page takes the reigns today. So what does it mean for you? More »

The Dog Leash for Dog Haters

I would never condone shooting any living creature in the head with a laser gun, especially not a helpless little pooch like the one you see above, but on the other hand I'm not going apologize for finding Art Lebedev's concept dog leash a little bit clever. (And, OK, disclaimer: I'm a cat person! There!) More »

Anonymous Targets Sony, Warns Of Penises Stuck In Hornets Nests

Militant hacker group Anonymous has launched a campaign against Sony, citing the Japanese company's "unforgivable offense against free speech and internet freedom" after it took legal action against a pair of hackers. More »

Security Guards Shoot and Kill Apple Store Burglar

Even if you want an iPad 2, like, really really bad, you should not try to steal one! According to local news stations, a private security guard shot and killed one of three burglars attempting to pull off a smash and grab job at an Apple Store in an outdoor mall in Chula Vista, California this morning. So, see, not worth it. More »

What Is This?

First hint: It makes something delicious. If you're one to have a drink of alcohol every once in a while, that is. Whatever could it be? More »