Spring is here, and you know what that means?! It's time to end that messy winter hibernating and get your home ready for a busy spring and summer. Here are eight handy, dandy cleaning gadgets that will help save you time:

Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Vac: The first thing you should do is vacuum, and what better way to do than with Dyson's cordless vac. It not only features an extendable wand, making it able to reach all parts of the house, it's powered by an electromagnetic induction motor, which uses digital pulses to make it spin at 104,000 RPM. $300.

iRobot Scooba: Once you get rid of the dust and debris, you'll need to get the grime off the floor. Why not let iRobot's Scooba floor washer takeover do some of the scrubbing for you? Once the bot gets a feel for the house, it can automatically clean 3-4 rooms on a single charge. $450.

Haier Tabletop Dishwasher: If you live in a city apartment, having a dishwasher can be a rarity. Or maybe it's just been so long since you last did dishes that you'll require two for the job. Either way, Haier's compact dishwasher can hold a complete place setting for 4 people, which lets you avoid handwashing and saves time. $180.

The Dish Drying Mat: Then again, at some point you'll have to wash some dishes by hand, but don't waste time drying them. Just stick them on the super-absorbant Dish Drying Mat, which holds four times its own weight in water. $8.

LG SteamWasher: I bet you've got a pile of smelly winter clothes that need to be washed before you box 'em up for the summer. And I also bet you got plenty of summer clothes that smell like mothballs. Maybe you'd like a steam washer, which uses 8,000 less gallons of water a year compared to traditional washing machines. $1440.

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner: There's no real way to avoid having to crawl around your tub, scrubbing it with a sponge. However, once you suffer through that necessary indignity, you can pop one of these Automatic Shower Cleaners in there to help make such outings infrequent. At the end of a shower, just push a button and the bottom mounted head will rotate 360 degrees, spraying its special cleaning agent. Just don't stand in the tub while it works its magic. $25.

BucketVac: Spring cleaning doesn't just mean the inside of your house—your garage is probably filthy too. This bucket vac will turn any 5 gallon bucket into an industrial-grade, wet/dry shopvac, which will make cleaning your car's bedroom a breeze. $100.

Toro e-Cycler 20360 Electric Lawnmower: With all the winter rain/snow (or sunshine, if you live in L.A.), you probably have gone a couple months without mowing the lawn. The Toro e-Cycler can take on tall swaths of grass and runs entirely on battery power. $400.

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