Deep Flier | Sir Richard Branson wants to us see what's at the bottom of the ocean.

The Perfect 24 Hours of Netflix Streaming

This summer, Netflix will add every episode of Mad Men to its Instant Watch collection. That will be swell! But the service's streaming library is already vast, and there's plenty of great stuff to watch right now. More »

Why Do I Have to Enter My Password Every F*cking Time I Download on My iPhone?

That's it. That's it. iPhone App Store-you are great. You have lots of cool and fun stuff! Games! Flashlights! That free unit conversion app I never used but hope I might someday! But your password policy is stupid. More »

Resourceful Nebraskan Moron Sucks Change from Laundry Machines with Backpack Vacuum

This is an odd convergence of ingenuity and idiocy: a man tried to clean out (tee hee) the coin coffers of an apartment laundry room with a backpack-mounted vacuum cleaner. He netted $20! And was then arrested. More »

How Many Apps Is Too Many Apps?

Looking back on it now, the first time I truly felt the need for a note-taking app was when I started researching note-taking apps. I was just looking for a simple tool to save ideas about upcoming articles or jot down an occasional to-do list. More »

8 Tools to Help Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, and you know what that means?! It's time to end that messy winter hibernating and get your home ready for a busy spring and summer. Here are eight handy, dandy cleaning gadgets that will help save you time More »

Carl Zeiss' Bundle of Lenses Come With a Free Suitcase

Got $6,000 to spend on a pack of lenses for your Canon or Nikon? You'll be wanting to protect them from bumps and scrapes, so Carl Zeiss has generously chucked in a suitcase, too. More »

How a Captain Got Sucked Out Of a Exploded Cockpit Window and Everyone Survived

There are times in which an airplane decompression may not be dangerous. But when your captain literally has half of his body out of one of the cockpit window, his face "banging against the window... More »

Did You Miss Your Package Delivery AGAIN?

You know what really sucks? When you come home and find you missed a package delivery from USPS, UPS or FedEx. Or you come home and find that $1000 gadget you ordered sitting on your front stoop where anyone could snatch it. More »

The Ballad of the Journal Bandolier

What is a notebook without notes? A pretty nifty zen koan, I guess. But also: essentially useless! So instead of scrounging constantly for a stray pen or pencil to fill your pad to its potential, strap on the Journal Bandolier: a hand-made, two-inch wide strap equipped with seven holes More »

These Bike Inner Tubes Wince When Punctured, and Then Self-Seal

Michelin's developed new bike inner tube tech to cut down on the devastation a puncture brings when you're out riding. The Protek Max tubes contain a sealant which sees punctures compress and then self-seal, meaning you can hop back on that bike instantly. More »