Rocket Man | Would you rather we test the ejector seats at 30,000 feet?

The Mars Odyssey Orbiter Launched 10 Years Ago

10 years ago today, on April 7, 2001, NASA launched the 2001 Mars Odyssey orbiter into the sky. Its name alluding to Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke's seminal story of space exploration, the Odyssey was equipped More »

Peel + iPhone = The Universal Remote For Regular People

The Peel remote adapter is supposed to be the normal human's version of Logitech's Harmony universal remotes. Harmony remotes, although incredibly competent in controlling everything in your AV system More »

"Hand-Screened for Radioactivity" Is Going to Be the New "Grown Locally"

If you're willing to throw down $140 for the tasting menu at Le Bernardin — perhaps the greatest seafood-oriented restaurant in the country, with three Michelin stars and four from the NYT — you can nom on the fluke sashimi without worrying about radioactive contamination. More »

Why America Doesn't Have A Respectable Solar Industry

Solar power in America is nothing new - Californians were heating water with it back in 1908 - we've just generally ignored it since WWII. Powering the Future, by Alexis Madrigal explains how we managed to squander this energy for nearly 75 years. More »

Japan Hit by Second Major Quake (Updating Live)

A second earthquake-magnitude 7.4-has hit northeastern Japan, prompting a tsunami warning. The quake, strong enough to move buildings in Tokyo, hit 78 miles north of the devastated Fukushima plant at 11:32 pm, local time. More »

Another Air Traffic Controller Falls Asleep, This Time On Purpose

An unnamed air traffic controller at Knoxville's McGhee Tyson airport fell asleep for five hours during his night shift on Feb. 19, leaving seven aircraft to land without their primary officer. And he did it intentionally. More »

Space Telescopes Observe Mysterious Giganormous Explosion In the Constellation Draco

Astronomers have discovered a huge explosion that NASA qualifies as "unprecedented". They call it GRB 110328A, for Gamma Ray Burst. I'd call it Giganormous Deadly Ray Clusterfrak in Space. More »

Would You Let Someone Advertise on Your House if They Paid Your Mortgage?

Like the 2011 version of selling your forehead to an online casino company wielding a painful tattoo needle, Adzookie's offering to pay your mortgage for as long as you can put up with advertising their eyesore-inducing logo. More »

How Does the Mona Lisa Look Without Mona Lisa?

Recognize this 77 x 54-centimeter oil on canvas painting? Believe it or not, it's perhaps the best-known Leonardo da Vinci painting this side of The Last Supper. More »

The NEW Commodore 64 Can Finally Be Yours

Remember when Commodore tried to relaunch their brand with a sterile-looking keyboard PC? Remember when they decided against that, opting to cram modern guts into a retro Commodore 64 shell? Well the latter will be available later this month, featuring the NVIDIA Ion 2 chipset. More »