Martian Man Hunter | Say Hello to the Mars Rover Curiosity

Ten Science Operations Vital for the Country

That's Endeavour on the launch pad, waiting for the start of mission STS-134. But, like the United States Government and most of its vital science operations, it may shut down tonight. If that happens, that's very bad news. More »

Why America Doesn't Have A Respectable Solar Industry

Solar power in America is nothing new - Californians were heating water with it back in 1908 - we've just generally ignored it since WWII. Powering the Dream, by Alexis Madrigal explains how we managed to squander this energy for nearly 75 years. More »

Another Air Traffic Controller Falls Asleep, This Time On Purpose

An unnamed air traffic controller at Knoxville's McGhee Tyson airport fell asleep for five hours during his night shift on Feb. 19, leaving seven aircraft to land without their primary officer. And he did it intentionally. More »

The Perfect 24 Hours of Netflix Streaming

This summer, Netflix will add every episode of Mad Men to its Instant Watch collection. That will be swell! But the service's streaming library is already vast, and there's plenty of great stuff to watch right now. More »

Japan Hit by Second Major Quake (Updated)

A second earthquake-magnitude 7.4-has hit northeastern Japan, prompting a tsunami warning. The quake, strong enough to move buildings in Tokyo, hit 78 miles north of the devastated Fukushima plant at 11:32 pm, local time. More »

How a Captain Got Sucked Out Of a Exploded Cockpit Window and Everyone Survived

There are times in which an airplane decompression may not be dangerous. But when your captain literally has half of his body out of one of the cockpit window More »

How Big Weapons Hit Tiny Targets from Incredible Distances

So, let's say our armed forces had to lend a hand in a conflict without deploying troops on the ground (*cough* *cough* Libya *cough*). How would they do that? Simple: GPS. Oh, and Lasers. And mechanized ordnance that is better at navigating than any meatbag. More »

57 Spectacular LEGO Scenes

We'd like to think that, one day, the word "LEGO" will by synonymous with "high art." Even if that day never comes, these LEGO photos are absolutely fantastic all the same. More »

The New Falcon Heavy Rocket Can Take Us Back to the Moon

It's so powerful that it could set a next-generation mission to the Moon. That's what SpaceX's Elon Musk said today about his new rocket, the Falcon Heavy. In fact, it's going to be the most powerful rocket in history this side of a Saturn V. More »

GIZMODO at Museum of Science and Industry's 2011 Smart Home

Gizmodo and the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) are teaming up to bring you something amazing this spring - the 2011 Smart Home: Green + Wired exhibit. More »

How Nazis Planned to Re-Build the Third Reich Using Terror Gadgets and Other Crazy Plans

A group of Nazi agents landing in Florida wearing bathing trunks and Wehrmacht caps. A secret band of blondes spread all over Europe, armed with microbes hidden in handbag mirrors, poison disguised as Bayer aspirins and cigarette lighters that released deadly vapors to kill the Allies' high ranks. And even deeper, a network of sleeping agents ready to cause terror and uprising in territories taken by the American, English and Russian troops. More »