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See the technology that will reinvent how you drive

From button-free dashboards to cloud computing, the vehicles coming from the world's automakers will sport far more advanced technology — as well as new questions for drivers. Here's a peek at what's coming in the not-so-distant future. More »

More New Tech You'll Find Inside Your Car

The Android-powered car arrives

Saab plans a new sedan that runs entirely on Android's OS as a way to leap back into luxury buyers' garages. More »

Audi plots wireless 4G broadband for its cars

While the debate boils in the United States about how many gadgets we should have in our dashboards, European makes are streaming ahead with broadband-quality wireless connections built-in. Will America lose an auto broadband race too? More »

GM MyLink is like Ford Sync…three years late

GM's new Sync-fighting infotainment system is called MyLink. As in "Chevy" MyLink and "Buick" MyLink and "GMC" MyLink and...well, you get the picture. Basically, it does everything Sync does. It's a shame it took 'em three years to do it. More»

Now Cars Are Vulnerable to Malware?

According to researchers at UCSD and the University of Washington, the rise of complex computer systems in cars means they're now vulnerable to malware and viruses just like our computers. How would one infect a car? MP3s, of course. More »

How Toyota will go cloud computing with Microsoft

Toyota's partnership with Microsoft for in-car electronics isn't about drivers choosing music. It's about shuffling all possible data to and from the car via Microsoft's cloud-computing technology. More via Autopia...»

Fruit Salad Could be Key to the Car Design of the Future

Between the banana fuel the Australians are working on, and this Brazilian plastic made from bananas, pineapples and other fibrous fruit, transport of the future might just resemble Carmen Miranda. More »

Why even a start/stop button gets regulated

Thanks to Toyota's troubles with sudden acceleration, automakers will soon face new regulations to insure start/stop buttons hold no secrets. More via CNET»

Jeeputer: The home-rolled vehicle controller

As automakers stuff more electronics into vehicles, they're also created opportunities for do-it-yourself programmers to swap factory controls for more home-built devices, such as the Andrino-based Jeeputer. More »