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New Hire Brings Apple's Carbon Fiber Dream Closer To Reality

So remember that time we saw that Apple had been dreaming up carbon fiber iPads in a patent? Looks like the idea's got some legs, if the recent hiring of Senior Composites Engineer Kevin Kenny is any indication. More »

How Software Updates Work on Mac and PC According to Eddie Izzard

I love Eddie Izzard, even while he's not in drag. I can even recite the entire Death Star canteen monologue while drunk in a cab-as my second wife once experienced. More »

A Hacker's Shady Start: Geohot In Middle School

George "Geohot" Hotz wanted to crack the PS3-so he did, and infuriated Sony. He's become a target, globetrotter, and spectacle. But before? He was little tech-inept deviant. Gizmodo's got his yearbook, and two people who probably signed it. More »

Intel's Tablet Answer: Atom, Evolved

Intel's inability to crack the mobile market has been a growing blemish on their record, an increasingly sore spot that's seen the processor giant sit out the biggest new product category since the laptop. More »

DNA-Analyzer 23andMe Having $0 Sale Today Only

From $199 to $0-23andMe's DNA-analyzing service has been a subject on Gizmodo before, so if you were wondering what your chances of cancer, Alzheimer's or other illnesses are but were put off by the price, today's the day to act. More »

Japan Expands Evacuation Zone Again as Radiation Rises

The Japanese government has tapped five towns and cities outside of the current mandatory evacuation zone surrounding the Fukushima plant for mandatory departure, after the detection of escalating radiation levels. More »

These Are the First Three Adobe Photoshop Touch Apps for iPad

Rejoice, Photoshop junkies of the world, because Adobe is jumping into the tablet world for real. And while this is not Photoshop for iPad (yet), my most precious body appendage is tingling with pleasant turgidity anyway. More »

Meet the Urban Bike Rack Concept That Scales the Sides of City Buildings

Traditional bike racks are so boring that I often forgo their use for more extreme locales, like power lines or roof decks or strapped to the backs of random passersby. In that vein I would probably use this concept More »

Latest Alien Life Theory Posits the Quietest Civilizations Probably Live Longest

For decades the Fermi Paradox has stipulated that unless life is unique to Earth, it must exist throughout the galaxy. And yet, so far there's been no word. Hence, paradox. A new theory, based on natural selection, might explain why. More »

Gender Stereotypes Revealed Anew In Toy Commercials Word Cloud

This is one of those things that won't surprise, but it's still certainly interesting. What you're seeing in the image below is a word cloud, modeled after commercials for boy's and girl's toys. Stark differences laid bare, and all that. More »