Everyone Loves Yuri Garagin, the first Human to Reach Space | We've spent the day celebrating his historic flight-check out the best stories here.

A Carbon Fiber Bluetooth Headset for Weight Freaks

Is the iron loan clipped to your ear too much to bear? Are you a sucker for anything crafted from carbon fiber? Blutrek's Carbon earpiece might draw you in, weighing only a scant quarter ounce, with Bluetooth 3.0 support. More »

10 Stunning Photos of a Piece of Black Paper

You've probably taken a photo before where the sunset looked beautiful, but the landscape was too dark. By placing a black card over part of your lens, and taking a slow exposure shot, you can take photos like these: More »

Mark Zuckerberg Is a Backstabbing Little Shit in New Emails

New emails submitted as evidence by purported Facebook owner Paul Ceglia paint the social network's co-founder Mark Zuckerberg as a scheming little bastard. Now Ceglia's new powerhouse law firm just has to prove the emails are real. More »

How a Fukushima-Level Disaster Would Affect You In New York, LA or Chicago

The Japanese government has expanded the long-term evacuation radius around the Fukushima nuclear plant to 30 kilometers (18.6 miles). The United States government is still asking to all their citizens inside More »

Why Does it Take so Much Less Milk to Lighten Iced Coffee?

Admit it, you need your coffee to be that perfect shade of caramel tor you'll jinx the whole damn day. Whether you're the touch-of-cream or leave-lots-of-room type, the perfectly lightened coffee is a key part of your finely tuned morning routine More »

Watch a Jumbo Jet Spin a Tiny Jet In a JFK Runway Collision

What happens when the world's largest commercial jet clips the tail of a much smaller plane? Some tarmac turbulence that left the passengers of Comair Flight 6293 spinning. More »

The Flip Camera Is Finally Dead-Your Smartphone's Got Blood on Its Hands

Today, we pay our respects to an old, departed, obsolete, redundant friend. Here lie the remains of Flip, a product nobody needed anymore or cared about. So, its creator decided to destroy it. More »

Charge Apple Keyboards and Trackpads Wirelessly With the Mobee Charger

Instead of charging Apple's wireless trackpad and keyboard on something keyboard-sized, slim down with the Magic Bar. The peripheral charges itself by USB, and in turn charges the keyboard and trackpad just by More »

This Sponsored Gadget is the Beginning of the…Look, Free Stuff!

Amazon's new Kindle is really their old one made cheaper by the inclusion of ads. It at first caused me utter outrage. I felt as angry as if if someone took my favorite book (The Silent World by Jacques Cousteau, in case you're wondering) took some paste, and covered up the dolphins and the last few paragraphs of every chapter with advertisements for Chuck E. Cheese. I felt like shouting, "THESE. ARE. MY. WORDS...MAN." More »