King of Thrones | How a $6400 toilet can change your life

GE's New Super Powerful Laser Welding System Is Shriekingly Fast

GE has a new 20kW hybrid laser arc welding (HLAW) system that's a lot more advanced than the welding methods we have now. Comparatively speaking, the new GE laser wields enough power to weld one-inch thick steel in a single pass. More »

Behind the Largest Counterfeit Audio Sting in History (Exclusive Photos)

Think you got a good deal on those Beats by Dre? Might've. Or maybe you paid too much for a knockoff. Thanks to easily accessed suckers like you, business in the world of phony high-end audio has never been better. More »

The Scorching Underground Plume That Feeds Yellowstone's Supervolcano Is Even Bigger Than We Thought

Thanks to new measuring techniques, geophysicists have discovered that the underground plume that feeds Yellowstone's Supervolcano is much, much larger than we thought. What was once assumed to be an already large 150 miles long is now More »

The Immigration Con Man who Built a Fake Army

What would you do to stay in the country you love? Would you trust a fellow foreigner-someone from your homeland-with your future, paying him up to $450 to join his US Army unit and get a fast-track to citizenship? These desperate, deceived immigrants did just that. More »

Mr. Gagarin's Wild Ride

Yuri Gagarin was a stone cold cosmonaut; landing his Vostok-1 capsule even after it failed to separate upon reentry, started into a high-G spin, and then blew its exit hatch 7,000m up. Starman has all the harrowing details here. More »

This Terminator 2 Cake Is Perfect For Almost No Occasions

When you first espy the amazingly molten Terminator 2 cake, you're stunned at the fine balance of technical prowess and artistry that went into its creation. And then you start to think: what exactly would a cake like this commemorate? More »

The Air Force Is Having So Much Trouble Not Killing Women and Children, It's Asking You for Help

Drone strikes are great, except for when they kill our own soldiers, or, far more often, innocent civilians. Which happens quite a bit! The Air Force is apparently pretty desperate to mitigate this, so they're offering a cash prize. More »

Now This is an Amplifier…

...Even if it is just a prototype. In fact, it's a student's project from a Krakow fine arts university, which just goes to show that some of the best designs don't necessarily come from the R&D labs of tech companies. More »

The Birthplace of the Internet

This is 3420 Boelter Hall in UCLA. Looks cool and decidedly 1970s, right? Long manes, gnarly mustaches and vintage technology cabinets. What were they doing in there? Turns out, this is where the Internet was born. More »

BlackBerry PlayBook Review

No, it's not bad, like you expected it to be. More »