Just Dance! | Why Are So Many People Dancing in Apple Stores?

New Rail Gun Rounds Zip Through Steel at 1 Mile a Second

Rail guns are still halfway between sci-fi and battlefield, but the armscrafters at General Atomics are still working to improve the futuristic weapon. Instead of launching clunky "bricks," a new, aerodynamic round is being tested. Git ready fer military porn! More »

The Crazy Design of NASA's New Mars Rover

Nasa is getting ready to throw a Mini Cooper-sized mobile science lab up into space. Curiosity, as the rover is affectionately called, is headed toward Mars with a payload of lasers and mass spectrometers and multi-million dollar robotic drills-basically all the stuff needed to prove fourth planet conditions are capable of supporting microbial life… More »

No Road? No Problem! 12 Portable Bridges

When the potholes get too big to dodge, you'll need a bridge layer. These gap-spanning mechs have been conquering divides since WWI (almost as long as the tanks they're attached to) and our friends at Oobject.com have 12 of the coolest. More »

Idiot Uses Live WWII Grenade as Paperweight

Oh, boy. After running the plates of a suspicious vehicle and finding an outstanding arrest warrant, Birmingham police pulled over and searched the car in question. Inside the found a man, his lady friend, and a live grenade from WWII. More »

Exclusive Images of FlipLive, the Streaming Video Camera that Will Never Be

Here are the first photos of Flip's never-to-be launched FlipLive. The FlipLive was supposed to be Flip's next-generation camcorder, one that could stream video to the cloud. But Cisco killed the brand the day before the Live More »

Obama Thinks His Oval Office Gadgets Suck Ass

While in Chicago wooing fat cat donors with deep pockets, President Obama took a few moments to talk technology, and opine on the state of his personal gadgets in the Oval Office. Short version: He wants better shit because he's the president. More »

Post Office Uses Wrong Statue of Liberty for Stamp

In an admirable effort to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Staute of Liberty, the U.S. Post Office has issued a commemorative first-class stamp! Of the wrong Statue of Liberty. More »

Brazilian Police to Wear Glasses That Can Scan Faces to Find Criminals

In technology that is lifted straight from Robocop, Brazilian cops will be outfitted with glasses that can scan faces in a crowd and automatically pick out criminals. The glasses use advanced facial recognition More »

Fraudulent Vegan Cookbook Photoshopping the Meat out of Its Recipes

VegNews, you are like SO BUSTED! Some meat and meat byproduct-abstaining sleuths caught the online vegan hub posting stock photos of carnivore fare with their recipes-the bones photoshopped out. More »