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Night Vision Goggles Are Finally Awesome Again (Yes, Even Though They Look Super Dorky)

Night vision is one of those technologies we instinctively think is all high tech, but after 30-plus years, it's a bit rough around the edges. SA Photonics' new Hi-Res Night Vision System brings it back up to speed. More »

The Most Precise GPS Satellite in the World

Location's on our mind today. There are currently 24 satellites that make up our Global Positioning System. The most recently launched, the GPS IIF SV-1, is part of a new series that offer a whole bundle of upgrades. More »

Qwiki for iPad Is Like an Interactive and Visual Wikipedia

Qwiki for iPad, like their website, is like a visual Wikipedia. Which is to say it's a super pretty way to learn stuff. How so? Instead of delivering information in text and hyperlinks, Qwiki provides a narrative to the topics you search for with an audio commentary and relevant visuals. More »

9 Tools to Help You Stay Green on Earth Day

Earth Day is this Friday. And it's always good to take a moment to think about ways to screw up this planet a little less. Realistically, we're not going to give up our gadgets (which aren't always environmentally friendly), but we can at least come up with ways to make them less destructive, ya know?: More »

Qwiki for iPad Is Like an Interactive and Visual Wikipedia

These last few months, for the first time since the iPhone was released, customers finally had a choice in who their carrier would be. They'd no longer be shackled by AT&T's sucktastic network! And what did these customers do? Well, it seems like in a lot of cases they, uh, signed on with AT&T. More »

The Cost of the BP Disaster, One Year Later

Exactly a year ago, the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and sank to the bottom of the ocean, beginning the slow underwater seep of 5 million barrels of oil. Today, the Gulf is better- but the disaster's damage remains. More »

The Spy Secrets of the Last Unsealed WWI Files

The oldest secret documents in the CIA's treasure-trove have been cracked open finally. Believed to be the only remaining classified WWI documents, the six files have revealed all manner of espionage message tricks-including the recipe for German invisible ink. More »

GIZMODO at 2011 Smart Home Opens This Friday!

Gizmodo and the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) have teamed up to bring you something amazing - the 2011 Smart Home: Green + Wired exhibit, opening this Friday, April 22, 2011! More »

Would You Risk Looking Like An Idiot Who Can't Tell The Time for These Pretty Watches?

Yes, watchmaker Ziiiro has already come out with other neat, futuristic watch designs before. And it's true that you may never get used to their quirky method of telling the time. In fact, it'll most likely get you squinting and peering at the accessory for an extended period, causing your friend with the innocent "Hey man, what's the time?" question to doubt your mental capacity. More »

AMD's New Under-$100 Video Cards Are Pretty Decent

A hundred bucks isn't what it used to be. It won't get you a new pair of Jordans or take you halfway to buying your way out of a Union army conscription. But it'll buy you a half-decent video card. More »

The First Space Station Ever Launched 40 Years Ago Today

By 1971, people had been in space. They'd even flown around the earth! But there'd never been a real home for humans in orbit-they went up, and they came down. That changed 40 years ago today. More »