CNN: CNN's been glaringly absent from Android phones for a long time (it's been on Honeycomb for a while now) but that's all fixed now! You get to watch live video, receive breaking news notifications, CNN radio, a customizable widget and more. Must have for news junkies. Free.

Epistle: A super simple and great looking text editor that syncs with Dropbox. Your notes are saved in a plain text file, the titles are searchable and the syncing is super fast. Great for those who don't need all the bells and whistles. Free.

Kindle: A big update for honeycomb tablets because Kindle for Android is now fit for the bigger screen. Newspapers and magazines look much better, there's a better word look-up feature, and you can pause and resume downloads.

Sonos Controller: After being teased for some time, wireless multi-room music extraordinaire Sonos has finally put out their Sonos Controller app for Android. Which means if you have a Sonos, you can control your whole home setup with your Android phone (or tablet). Specific to Android, you can use voice search to play songs and your phone's volume rocker to pump up the volume too.

JahJah: JaJah is an app for Android that lets users make free phone calls to Facebook friends without punching in their phone number. It's neat! The people you call don't even have to have a JaJah account. All you do is select them in the JaJah app and they'll be pinged through Facebook chat with a link to start the conversation.

NFL Mobile:The NFL Mobile app makes for a great draft companion come draft day. There's a live draft tracker and draft pick analysis from experts and a live stream of the NFL Network. For Verizon customers only though, just like last year.

How Stuff Works: put out an app with full access to 30,000 of their articles, podcasts and videos. Really great for those who love to learn and be entertained while learning it. You can stream podcasts, read articles and receive push notifications for episodes from the app too. Free.

White House: The White House recently released an app for Android (to please both platforms!). It gives you behind-the-scenes photos and videos along with mobile alerts about major events. Oddly, it lacks the live streaming option that's on the iPhone though. Free.