Qwiki: Qwiki for iPad, like their website, is like a visual Wikipedia. Which is to say it's a super pretty way to learn stuff. How so? Instead of delivering information in text and hyperlinks, Qwiki provides a narrative to the topics you search for with an audio commentary and relevant visuals. But! It ain't perfect. The voice that narrates each Qwiki is robotic and if you watch enough Qwiki entries, you'll notice that they're terribly formulaic. And though every presentation is super purrty, it only gives you bite sized nuggets of information. Free

The Civil War Today: History geeks everywhere will likely salivate over History Channel's new Civil War iPad app, which lets you relive each day of the 19th century American war. Updated once daily, you can read news blasts from the front lines, stay updated on casualty counts, get inside the head of Lincoln, view interactive battle maps and do other things that no potential mate will be attracted to. And if, at any point, you attempt to romanticize these olden days as more appealing than our modern times, you're definitely a slavery-loving racist. $8

0 to 100 Project: 0 to 100 is an iPad app filled with the faces of complete strangers. Why should you care? Because all those people come together in the app to show each stage of life, from birth until 100 years old. Each picture comes with a little info about the person and when they're young, it captures the childlike wonder and naivety of youth and when they get older, the time distilled wisdom of age. Free

News.me: The New York Times' News.Me app is here, which allows you to source your news from those you follow on Twitter. If it sounds a little like Flipboard, that's because it's essentially a stripped-down version. Instead of launching an iPad-exclusive publication like their publishing arch-nemesis News Corp. did, the Times thinks that improving the packaging of the news already out there is a better idea. an iPad app which allowed users to source their news from those they follow on Twitter. Like an app such as Zite, News.Me will learn which types of stories you like and don't like reading, and will prioritize them accordingly. $1 / week

Prompt: Prompt is an excellent SSH client for iOS, providing you with an elegant interface and several great features (like SSH-specific autocomplete) so using the command line on your iDevice is actually a pleasant experience.
The are a large number of SSH apps for iOS, most of which will cost you at least a dollar and as much as $25. While Prompt isn't the cheapest of the bunch (it's $5), it is a step up from many of the others we tried. —Lifehacker $5

NFL '11: With the annoying lockout of billionaires vs millionaires still raging on, this coming NFL season might not even happen! But one thing that is guaranteed to happen is the NFL Draft. It'll be held next week and the NFL just released its 2011 NFL app which includes a live video stream of NFL.com's Draft coverage, alerts for your favorite teams, highlights from the 2011 NFL Combine and analysis of each pick. The NFL app was never really any good in years past but actually looks like a solid draft companion this year. More updates will come to the app post-draft and pre-preseason, well, if there is a season. Free

The Royal Wedding by NBC News: Soon, in a spectacular display of viral marketing for the new HBO series Game of Thrones, the House of Windsor and the House of Middleton will be joined by the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. If this is something you're interested in keeping up with, NBC News has put together a fittingly elegant (and free!) Royal Wedding app for your iPhone. It's dynamically updated with the latest wedding news, has hundreds of photos to peruse, and includes a nifty interactive family tree for exploring the entire extended royal family of which you will never be a member. Unless! Free

Vinyl Love: VinylLove for iPad is a music app that beautifully mimics a record player—you can thumb through alphabetized crates of records (the songs on your library) and move the needle (to fast forward)—and doesn't embarrass itself! In fact, it makes your music better. The very slight crackle and pops that are digitally added to your music turns all the songs on your iPad into more textured pieces, as if there's a history to that mp3. Of course it's a little bit gimmicky but they don't overuse the effect. $5