Tunneling Taliban | In hindsight, The Shawshank Redemption probably wasn't a good call for movie night.

Rumored Photos of Next iPhone Emerge, Looking Pretty iPhone 4ish

It's iPhone 5 rumor season! And while we have no reason to think that these rumored white iPhone 5 pictures at MIC Gadget are any more-or less-legitimate than the rounded-back iPhone 5 mockup that emerged last week, it certainly lines up with what the rumor mill has churned out so far. More »

The Handheld Dracula That Sucks Your Entire Life from Your Phone

You might already be creeped out about what your phone knows. But as The Atlantic points out, iPhone tracking isn't the half of it-there's gear out there so powerful, the ACLU demanded answers from the state of Michigan. More »

14 Ways to Use Dryer Sheets that Have Nothing to Do with the Dryer

Dryer sheets. You probably think their utility ended with soft jeans and cozy socks. Nope! Turns out there's a whole mess of other uses for 'em. More »

Motorizing a Manual Wheelchair With a Friggin Lawnmower

The problem with naming our tools is that we tend to pigeonhole them. Case in point: who says a lawnmower is strictly for mowing lawns? Especially when it's clearly equally well suited to the business of playing mighty steed to your manual wheelchair chariot. More »

New York Libraries: Come on in and Watch Some Porn

If you don't mind getting your face punched in, New York's public libraries might just be your new favorite place to watch people have sex with each other on the internet. Sure, you're surrounded by other patrons, but it's free! More »

AT&T's ARMZ: An Emergency Cellular Tower in a Suitcase

AT&T Just started selling the ARMZ, a cellular tower that fits into a suitcase. It's meant to fill the air with cellular signals in the case of a disaster where existing towers cease to work or, well, exist. More »

James Cameron Just Added 50 RED EPIC-M Cameras to His Shopping Trolley

How's this for high-profile clientele, eh? RED has sold 50 of their EPIC-M pro-cams to James Cameron-at $58,000 each, that's a cool $2.9 million he just forked out. Now, I've heard of shopping-based envy before, but Cameron's taking his to a new level after no-doubt hearing Peter Jackson ordered 30 for The Hobbit, and Jon Schwartzman's shooting the next Spiderman with EPICs. More »

Alleged LHC Memo Hints Scientists Have Found the Elusive Higgs Boson

Did scientists running the massive Large Hadron Collider finally discover what Einstein eloquently hypothesized was the "mind of God" for the last 30 years of his life? Possibly, yes, if a memo leaked this week turns out to be legitimate. More »

Venerable Enriyu Robot to the Rescue at Fukushima?

The Fukushima nuclear disaster, while certainly not short on tragedy, is also not short of robots, with a host of the automated helpers having been deployed there already. Now mighty Enriyu is set to join them, massive arms and all. More »

This Automated Lego Assembly Line Robot Is Looking for Work

Lego Mindstorm robots aren't anything new. That said, Lego robots that might one day replace line workers at a factory (a la the car industry), that is certainly something I've never seen before. Until today, I mean. More »