I took this photo while waiting for my flight back to Boston at the Ft Lauderdale airport. It was one of those moments where I looked out the window and new that it would make for a spectacular shot. I am a sucker for symmetrical photography and the way this picture is divided into two really gives the shot a different look/feel. The picture was taken on an iPhone 4 with the default camera app using the new HDR feature. I used the Camera+ clarity feature to spruce up the image and then Photoshop to adjust the colors and saturation. Definitely one of my favorites.

- Ryan K

About a week ago, I received my cellphone macro/wide angle lens from Photojojo, and I have been wanting to use it for something like this. Yesterday, I was taking a walk in my backyard when I spotted this flower. Believe it or not, it was really small (about 4mm in diameter). I got on my knees and used my iPhone 4 with the macro lens attached to take the picture from about 5mm away. It was taken at 80 ISO and, of course, f/2.8. After I had taken it, I edited it with Camera+.

- Ryan Hicks

I saw a cut down tree while a friend and I were walking through Chedoke Golf Course in Hamilton, and thought the pattern was almost like marble; very cool. Levels corrected in PS.

Nokia N8-00 | F/2.8 | 1/40 Sec. | ISO-105 | 6mm

- Dan Bujak

Took this with my iPhone 4, Just grabbing a beer with my friend on Thursday night. He went to the bathroom and I remembered the challenge and snapped a picture of what at the moment was a lonely pint on the bar.

Aperture Value: 2.970854
Exposure Mode: Auto exposure
Exposure Time: 1 / 15
Focal Length: 3.85
ISO Speed Ratings: 1000

- Tim Assie

Apple iphone 4, F2.8, 1/120<~~ I didn't know the f stop was in the info..neat.

My mom decided to replant my Gardenia plant today and in doing so knocked one of the pretty fragrant flowers off. She brought me the flower, the light was right and phone was in buttpocket...so voila, a pretty flowery photo. Well four or five photos...but i think this was the best of the bunch.

- V. Mangan

I spent all day Saturday outside in the rain for an AutoCross event. After the car sat for a while the water was beading up nicely on the glass T-tops and i snapped a picture quick. Motorola Atrix, stock camera app, macro setting. ISO-100, exposure 1/263.

- Chris

My wife and I went to see Taughannock Falls, just outside of Ithaca, NY. I took this using my iPhone, which I placed on the fencepost to keep it stable. I post processed it in Aperture, which also gave me the stats: 3.8mm, f/2.8, 1/120 sec, and ISO 80.

- Joe Russo

Shooting Summary
iPhone 4, 3.8mm, ISO125, f/2.8, 1/15s
Camera+, Clarity, and Pinhole Analog effect.


While walking downtown Little Rock, AR on a cloudy day as it got dark, I figured it was as good a time as any to look for my shot for this challenge. As I was about to pass by this building, I snapped this photo in the middle of a crosswalk. The fog gave it an interesting effect towards the top near the lights. Then, in Camera+, I started playing around with the filters. I liked how the pinhole effect gave it an "old world photo of new world architecture" vibe. The colors were very subdued by the gloomy afternoon, so I didn't feel so bad sucking the rest of the color out. Which is ultimately what I ended up going with.

- Will Brown

I used an iPhone 4 + hdr + PSmobile to crop and saturate slightly.

I was laying out in the (finally) warm Portland sun at my grandparents' house and decided to roll over and saw this little lone flower. So I snapped the shot! Remember your thirds and soft focus!

- Michael Calcagno

A few days ago I went to get my mail, which is on the other side of a lake. On the way back I thought I saw the way the lake looked and thought it was the perfect time to get a picture for the challenge. After a few shots I tried out the idea of using my digital zoom to get a better shot.


I don't ever use digital zoom because it lowers the quality of pictures too much, but I thought that this time if I used the zoom I might be able to distort the picture in an artsy kind of way without using anything like an app to make it look artistic. I'm glad for the way it came out, it almost looks like it was painted.

My phone is a Droid X, which has an 8MP camera, but by using the digital zoom the picture is smaller than an regular 8MP picture would be. So this picture was smaller than I expected it to be.

- Jack Brown

F-Stop: f/2.8
Exposure Time: 1/160 sec
ISO Speed: ISO-80
Focal Length: 4mm
Name: Where's The Fire?


This photo was shot with an I-Phone 4 using the Camera+ app. I am by no means a professional but I have taken family portraits in this backyard. Having always focused on the primary landscaping of the yard, which is the gorgeous creek in the background, I have never put much attention to this fire hydrant in a random place in the backyard. Seeing the hydrant in different perspective, I sat myself on a comfortable mound of dirt and framed the shot! It's amazing how an oddly placed object can become the center of attention! The two ducks toward the right bank of the pond help too haha. It is unknown if its a working hydrant...

- Christian Parra

I read the news about the Cellphone Shooting Challenge just yesterday and I thought "Oh man I have very competitive photo which I took months ago" but unfortunately I can't use it since the challenge rules would deny it.
So today morning I walked out of the Metro station and from the corner of my eye I spotted this beautiful light embraced dome of the Imperial Natural History Museum, pulled out my iPhone 4, tapped the screen and "tah dah!". Here it is,... my contribution to the contest.


I'm not really familiar with ISO, Exposure etc. so I can just write what the EXIF information tells me:

Camera model: iPhone 4
App: Standard Apple Camera App
ISO: 100
Exposure time: 1/6033 sec

Happy Easter

- Siegfried

Taken in a shop in a "Trendy" part of Zürich called the Viadukt, an urban renewal project which has created a very alternative and fun scene.

Camera - iphone4.
Application - ProCamera
Effects - Lightroom4.


- Nils Rohwer

This is my first entry to the Giz Weekly Photo Challenge. I've been following it for a long time, but have only recently purchased a DSLR and am still learning how to use it, so the Cellphone challenge was a great jump off point. It was my birthday on Saturday and I was out with a friend practicing with my DSLR, we were in and out of the Inner Harbor and Fell's Point areas of downtown Baltimore shooting whatever came up. My friend was giving me tips and tricks through-out the day on how to use proper settings for what type of lighting and so forth all before the rest of my group of friends was due to come out to celebrate. We were just wrapping up before heading back to the car to put our cameras away and go to the bars when I remembered this challenge. We were taking pictures of the Domino's Sugar plant as one of our main subjects all day and I wanted to grab a night time shot just for this. So I busted out my cellphone and took a few pictures along with grabbing a few on the DSLR. The Domino's Sugar sign certainly is a staple of the harbor of Baltimore and I was hoping to feature it in the contest.


My camera/cellphone set up was:
Sprint HTC Evo 4g
Camera360 App (Demo)
Effect used - HDR High

While the original was more crisp, I liked how the HDR effect made the shot a lot more vivid.


- Chris

Equipment is a RIM Blackberry 8520 with internal camera.

While my wife and I were walking back to our car after dinner, I paused, pulled out the cellphone, unlocked it, turned on the camera and snapped this picture of the sunset. The conditions were ripe to capture the contrails of all the airplanes that transit over Phoenix on their way to points westward.


- Cory Newkirk

Equipment: iPhone 4, ProCamera App
Settings: Manual focus/exposure, auto white balance
Technique: Contrast, levels, saturation and temperature correction in iPhoto
Story behind shot: Walking through a local nature conservation park, I had been attempting to take shots of a mob of kangaroos... something which was proving to be quite difficult with the iPhone's lack of optical zoom, and a shutter speed restricted to 1/120. I decided to settle for something a little more stationary when I came across this beautiful, huge log with the sun shining through the trees behind it. I took several shots with varying amounts of lens flare and exposure (adjusting the exposure in ProCamera by focusing on different areas of the image) and I felt this photo reflected the feeling most accurately.

- Ben Nicol

I attached a zeikos fisheye adaptor to an iphone case for this image. This was achieved by epoxying a step down ring to the case that the fisheye screws into. For extra support, the entire ring, half of which would normally hang over the edge of the case was glued to a piece of plastic attached to the edge of the case. This image is of a leaf from the previous fall pierced by a growing skunk cabbage leaf.

- Peter Barvoets

I took this shot on my iPhone 4, using ProCamera with the manual focus and exposure turned on. I aimed the camera at light bulb and directed exposure square towards the edge of the bulb. I found when the square was pointed straight at the bulb, the exposure was too low and the result was quite underwhelming.
Story behind shot: I love ProCamera's low exposure abilities (for a phone, it's quite impressive), but I had attempted taking shots of non-power-saving light bulbs at home, and the results had been disappointing. I was over at my sister's house for Easter Sunday, and she has power-saving bulbs which I realised may have a better effect. I snapped this shot from directly underneath the bulb while standing on a chair to get closer.

- Meagan Roach

Shooter: Krishna Yalla
Camera: iphone 4
Mode: Regular camera app using HDR mode

So during my normal commute to the city, I spotted a gentleman with a cool guitar case that I knew would be awesome to have a shot of. As I was fumbling to get my iphone camera app the subway train was fast approaching. I decided to use the HDR mode of the iphone 4 so that I could get a cool motion blur effect with the train and hopefully the guitar case man would remain deathly still (which he did!). For post processing I used a few apps. The first was a app called "filterstorm" and it pretty much functions as a full suite photo editing pc application. After doing some basic touch ups and color correction, I then used a great random effects generating app called "Plastic Bullet" from Red Giant in which I got the burn effect generated.

- Krishna Yalla

I arrived to Mecca, Saudi Arabia in the early morning around 4:30 am. I prayed fajr "sunrise" prayer one of the five daily prayers every muslim is required to pray. Later i went to perform "tawaf" circling the Kaaba 7 times and after that i sat in front of it and thought to myself this is a moment worth saving. You can also see in the picture the largest clock in the world. The real beauty of Mecca is the people that come from all over the world with different races and nationalities.


The photo was taken with my Samasung Galaxy s i9000. I didn't use any third party application just the regular galaxy s camera. The scene mode was on dawn and that is all.

- Ibrahim Al-Ghailani

Atrix 4G

I wasn't even going to participate in this week's contest, but then I saw my cat Sasha basking in the sun's warmth and thought it would be a good shot.

- Jaclyn B.

This photo was taken with an iPhone 4 in HDR mode. I was enjoying a "Sunday Funday" in beautiful San Diego @ Lahainas in Pacific Beach right on the boardwalk. We were exiting the bar and this shot is what I walked out to. I dont usually take pictures but this was a scene worth sharing. At that moment I thought "...my life doesnt suck."


- Jaison Fletcher

Camera Used: iPhone4
Camera App: Nothing special, just the regular camera app
Post-processing: None.
About: Taking photos is a lot more fun than studying for my last set of law school exams. I was walking down the street in Ann Arbor, MI-heading to a bar to write a paper on communication satellites and their role in promoting freedom of information-when I saw this fire escape. I really liked the intersecting lines formed by the stairs and the bricks; it's chaotic, yet very neat and orderly.


- Stephen Rooke

Shooting Summary:

Phone – Nexus One, 5MP camera

The picture was shot and edited within the Little Photo App and then transferred to the Photoshop Express App for the mirror & spherize effects.


Since it was shot using the phone, I had to export it to the computer and used Photoshop CS5 to rename it and resize it to 970px wide while keeping it below 200KB – I didn't know how to do that from the phone itself.

Story: I took a picture of a dead tree with the sun in the background. I used the Little Photo (snapped photo/editing) & Photoshop Express (mirror & spherize) apps. When I observed the finished photo, the organized chaos of the mirrored tree branches and radiating sun revealed an unnatural figure…Smiling of course.

Regardless if this photo is published on Gizmodo or not, I hope the picture entrances you as it does for me.

- Tony Gaeta

Equipment used: LomoLomo Application
I used the following gears for this shot
- Lomo Diana Camera
- KIR Deluxe Lens
- Round White Frame


It's past 4 in the afternoon when me and my friend decided to go to the Burnham Lake 'cause we've nothing else to do and I was in the mood to take pictures around the city. I also didn't want to waste the good 'feel' of the day since it's summer (my favorite season) and the sun shines real nice during this time of the day; it illuminates the surroundings perfectly. The last time I passed by this place was when I was a kid (probably more or less than 15 years ago.) When we finally got there I was surprised on how good the park looked like as compared when I was a kid. I was acting like a tourist taking snap shots of the lake . I would definitely go back there and take more pictures. It was a well spent afternoon :D

- Camille Hernan

Camera/ equipment: I´ve taken this picture with my Sony Ericsson W810i

Settings: I didn´t use a special settings,because this moment was to beautiful.

I was outside with my friends because, this week we had awesome weather.
So I was sitting there with my friends and enjoyed this warm weather.
I got up and got something to drink, as i came back I saw the sun going down and
it was shining on the water and my friends were just sitting there.
It was just great but i hadnt any camera with me, so i just
took a picture with my mobile phone to catch this perfect moment.
It was a great day.

- Leslie Lange

I took this at the Mumford and Sons concert in Tempe, AZ. The show had yet to begin so I decided to snap a few shot with my HTC Eris. Across the street some people were watching the concert from the adjacent apartment building. We also happen to be directly East of the South runway at Phoenix Skyharbor Airport. I didn't have to wait long before the sun set behind the buildings and a plane to come overhead as there were less than 5 minutes apart. Edited in Photoshop to convert to B&W and add some contrast.

- Matt Oss

Took this on my iPhone at the top of Primrose hill, if you look hard enough you can see Big Ben and and the London Eye in the distance!

- Mark Chen

Title: Move the Needle

Shot information:

Droid Incredible using Vignette for Android
Effect: London
Frame: 16:9 black
White balance: Daylight
Sensitivity: Auto
Focus distance: Auto
Metering mode: Center
Anti-banding: Auto


I love shooting with the Droid (particularly using Vignette). This is the gauge cluster on the dash of my Mazda CX-7. No special lighting, just shot at a high angle with the right settings.

- Jonathan

Taken with an LG Neon

This was taken during a walk to a video store. I took the photo upside down during the golden hour. so that makes up for me missing the last few competitions i guess.

- Kalden Dhatsenpa

Toronto with CN Tower in the background of the Weston Quarry Garden, Brickworks. iPhone using Hipstamatic, Lens, John S; Film: Blanko. I love Hipstamatic. Have used it ever since seeing it in this article in the New York Times http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/11/21/finding-the-right-tool-to-tell-a-war-story/?ref=asia

- Jacqui Roy

"Include your shooting summary (camera, lens, ISO, etc) in the body of the email along with a story of the shot in a few sentences. And don't skip this story part because it's often the most enjoyable part for us all beyond the shot itself!"


Well, was watching my wife and #2 son (bottom left) walk into the park in some unseasonably warm weather in Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK. Thought I'd wait until the swings were as high as they were going to be. Liked the shadows too. Quick crop in Picasa, make B&W and there you go. Settings were default AUTO on the phone, Picasa says:

Exposure 1/146
ISO 100
Focal Length 6mm

- James Jennett

This self-portrait was taken through a distortion "filter" created by a sheet of falling water. I got the filter by squeezing my cell behind the waterfall of a little fountain at a local garden nursery. I fired off several shots, and preferred the distortions captured in this one. One of the nice things about cell cameras is that they'll fit in spaces too small (or too risky) for most cameras.

Taken with a Blackberry Curve 8330. No post-processing.

- Brian Hall

I used an HTC Evo 4G to take my photo. I used the Retro Camera app. They have 5 old school cameras you can shoot with, and I was using The Fudge Can. It pretty much presets the ISO, etc. so I'm not exactly sure of the details beyond that.


My wife's side of the family staged a big Easter egg hunt in my mother-in-law's back yard yesterday for my 3 year old son. As he ran around picking up eggs hidden everywhere in the garden and around, I followed him and took pictures with my phone. I took some with the regular camera on the phone too, but was happier with the Retro Camera's photos. This photo is of one of the eggs he had a harder time finding as it was well hidden in the grass. He had such a good time, and I was really happy with the way this photo turned out!

- Jeremy Keegan

iPhone 3GS, Camera App, (no effects)

Just moved into a new office with a great view of Van Nuys and the random, decorative palm trees that are not native to California. One big advantage, aside from the people watching, is a wide view of the sun and clouds as they roll through the Southern California sky. The other day, the sun was hiding behind the cloud and provided this great silhouette of the clouds and palm trees.

- Josh Glass

This was shot on an iPhone 4 using the Camera+ app. I set the white balance to sunset mode and applied the redscale filter at 100%. I took it walking to the supermarket one day when I noticed that the sun shining behind the clouds created nice effect.

- Dan Ruswick

iPhone 3GS
Well this weekend my mom wanted me to come home from school for the Easter weekend so I hopped a plane home on Friday. As you know Indiana has been getting pummeled by storms the last week or so and Friday was nothing different. Got to the airport and it was raining. I sat down in my seat and remembered this photo contest so I shot the only thing that was interesting to me. Used the tap to focus on the iPhone camera and then Photoshop Express on my iPhone to edit the picture. Fairly content with how the picture came out!


- Phil Holt

The Pandorica opens. It's a Trap!

I have been wanting to enter a shooting challenge for ages and have never managed it before but this time I was determined. I take a lot of pictures with my phone using several different apps.


I was trying to think of something good all week and almost went with this picture http://www.flickr.com/photos/shielder/5641903704/in/photostream which I snapped about 2 minutes after reading about the competition but then the release of Portal 2 and return of Doctor Who combined in my head and I had the idea of using the companion cube I got free from PC Gamer magazine as The Pandorica from the last series of Doctor Who.

I didn't have a lot of time so this is basically a a cardboard with a hole cut in it and the companion cube over the hole on top of a lamp surrounded by several of the galaxies worst villains and Admiral Ackbar.
I used Pro HDR camera to take the picture and Picsay pro to crop it, add a frame to it and adjust it slightly. I then used Irfanview to resize it on the computer.
This was my first attempt at staging a shot like this and although it turned out OK I will probably try again when I have more time and I will definitely be entering more shooting challenges.

I used a HTC Nexus One, Pro HDR (set to auto) and Picsay pro.

- Douglas MacDonald

Taken with an iPhone 4, stock camera app. I was going for a drive around the north coast of Donegal where I live (Ireland), with my parents and brother, and we saw this lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula. I thought it would make a nice picture. I used Photoshop to tweak the levels slightly and that's about it.

- Stephen Coyle

Hello Gizmodo,

This is a picture taken at our church on Easter morning between our 6am and 9 am services. I looked up and liked the way the natural light from five stain glass windows was mixing with the lights in the church and bouncing off all the colors of the flowers. I used a music stand to help steady my hand. Using the auto focus mode of the camera I found I could get a "cool" effect by focusing in on the spot light pointed at the cross. Other than resizing the width/quality of the 970 wide image to meet the requirements of the challenge no additional processing was done.


Date: 4/24/2011
Taken with HTC Incredible (ADR6300)
Original Resolution: 1952x3264


- Chuck Knobel

Greetings -

I took this picture of a thunderstorm through an open car window using my iPhone 3GS.

- Allison Carmody

- Trenton Jones

My daughter enjoying the spring sun behind bars. Shot with an Xperia X10 using Vignette. Cropped and brightness/contrast adjustments only.

- Joe McDonald

I saw this post on gizmodo and I thought I could participate. I took my Iphone 4 and started shooting everything but I never got a good shot, I was experimenting with light and always got ugly lens flares or composition I didn't like when I got home.. Next day I finished my kung fu lesson and saw this beautiful sunset so I ran up the hill to take some shots of hill covered with Asteraceae Taraxacum that warm light when I saw birds flying around. I took out my phone and got one chance to shoot.

- Jakub Panik

This was a photo taken with my iPhone 4 using the ProCamera app. I found an old basketball hoop that I used to use when I was younger in Woodstock, CT. As you can see, it's had several years to weather, but it is still standing. I was able to get some blue sky between rain storms to take this picture.

- Seth Porter

It has been forever since I've submitted a photo to the Gizmodo photo challenges, and seeing as how i just recently purchased an analogue Ricoh Singlex, I became excited for a new one to debut. As the past challenge grew to a close, and the new Cellphone2 challenge appeared, a sigh of disappointment fell over me because i knew i wouldn't be able to shoot using my new favourite camera. For this challenge, i shot with my cell phone in an effort to replicate some of the effects of my SLR, but until about 7 pm on 4/24, I had nothing worth showing. As the thunderstorms bombarded my town, I realised my sunroof was still open. I went outside, and as I sealed the car from the rain, I suddenly noticed that the refraction of the light on my broken windshield created a nice photographic opportunity using my HTC Aria's short focal range, and leaves a nice blur from the out of focus background. I have always been amazed with this tiny camera's ability to create a nice depth of field, even though it hardly has any room to focus inside the camera. I slightly adjusted the photo's color and brightness settings in Gimp on my Ubuntu pc before submission.

- Dan Locandro

This photo was taken with my iPhone 4 and combines all my favorite things in one shot. Technology, flowers, and Mustangs. The shot was taken using the TiltShift app to focus on the Mustang and blur the flowers.


- Jeffrey

Camera: Blackberry Bold 9700
Settings: Auto - no flash

This is my newest cell phone camera, with my only other option being an iPhone 3G (gasp!). There's a public auditorium down the street from where I live and every morning the owner of this dog just drops him off there, usually in the care of an old man who acts as the gatekeeper. The dog will spend most of the day wandering back and forth along the block, waiting for his owner to pick him up and take him home at night. Lately I've noticed that the auditorium has been shut down and left unused day-in, day-out, but this woman still leaves her dog there all day, only now he's behind the gates (somehow?), and the old man who watched him is gone. Thus, the dog sits there looking up and down the street, longing for a glimpse of his mom. He looks sad and lonely but from what I've seen, is a very sweet dog.

- JT

Shot taken with an iPhone4 camera, and some minor edits made with ProCamera – ProFX rolerpoid filter.

New England, looking a lot like old England…

I was driving home one night from my girlfriend, Calli's, house and the fog was so thick, you could barely make out the road a few hundred feet in front of you. On rt. 195, there is one of the largest prefabricated bridges in the country – typically it's a lot of ugly light pollution in Providence. But that night, the fog created these beautiful halos on any light source, particularly on the bridge. I drove around for an hour looking for an interesting spot to frame the right shot — and when I saw the tug boat, I broke into the shipyard to take the photo.

This is my first shooting challenge entry.


- James Kwon

While taking my dog for a walk, we came across our public library. Living in Michigan we do not get many days like these so I had to take a picture of it and send it in. It was 74 on April 22 and the scene just happened to be perfect.

Shot with an iPhone 4
Touched up in Photoshop Express for iPhone

- Joshua Young

Shot was taken with an iPhone4 on 4/21/2011. I used the Camera+ app and applied the clarity and HDR filters.


Shot was a spur of the moment decision. My family and I were walking the grounds of Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's home). The tulips were in full bloom on this beautiful spring day. The kids were running around out of control. I desperately needed a break from the chaos. There was a gardener working in the soil outside the shot to the immediate right. I bent down to talk to her. Monticello caught my eye. I held the phone low to the ground and snapped a few shots trying to frame the house through the tulips. When I retreated to the nearby bench to review the shots, I was surprised I was able to capture the beauty I had envisioned with this photo.

I hope you enjoy it as well.


- David McGraw

Love the shooting challenges! Never entered before but always read and really enjoy looking at all the submissions.

Iphone 4, iso 125, Focal Length 4mm, 1/120 sec, F/2.8, NY, NY 4/24/2011 6:56pm

No app used just straight camera. This was shot while driving, slow moving traffic allowed me to take the pic without crashing. I was entering the lower level of the GW Bridge. I sort of used the tint on the upper part of my window as a graduated filter. Kinda worked to retain some of the cloud detail while getting the details of the tunnel and lights. Adjusted the exposure and color a little in lightroom.

Thanks for looking

- Matthew Daniels

Dear Gizmodo,

Tech summary:
iPhone 3G
35 mm

I wanted to capture flora in April weather and capture dampness with growth. As late afternoon approached, clear visibility slowly gave way to fog. I drove around, searching. When I came across this scene, I was taken by how these silhouettes were forced forward. The strong verticals contrast the short, middle tree, which is like a small child between two adults.


I added an image called "DavidZborayCellphone2Original" which is the original image size. To get to the 2560 px wide, I had to expand the image beyond the original image.



- David Zboray

Hi Guys,

This was taken out my window in CT with my iphone 4 on an incredibly foggy Sunday morning. No tricks or editing software. I like the monochromatic look of the photos. I tried a couple hipstamatic versions but no worked quite as well as the original.

- Lauren Fister

I went out into the back yard early on Easter Sunday to hide eggs for my stepdaughter to find later. A few steps onto the patio a loud buzz and a peck on the head alerted me to the fact that a hummingbird had taken up residence on one of the light bulbs hanging overhead. I was curious if there were any eggs in the tiny nest (appropriate it being Easter) but not wanting to risk further abuse from the little bird while trying to get a peek into the nest I went back into the house and watched through the window until the bird left the nest in search of food. Then I slapped a magnetic mount wide angle/macro lens onto my iPhone 4, went out under the nest and reached overhead with my iPhone to get a shot of the interior of the nest. I could not see into the nest so I was taking blind shots until the angry chirping of the mother bird told me it was time to go. This turned out to be the best shot, and indeed there are two tiny little eggs in the nest.


This image was taken on my iPhone 4 with a 0.6/X wide angle lens, F-stop f/2.8, Exposure Time 1/132 sec. ISO 80, focal length 4mm. Other than being cropped in PS Express for iPhone it was not further modified in any apps.

- Michael Drewry

La Hacienda

I took this photo at the "Hacienda de Hernán Cortés" in Cuernavaca, México. Its now a nice hotel, restaurant and stuff, but its conserved without major changes, so you can walk around and enjoy it. Its quite big and beautiful :)
iPhone 4 and some tweaking with the PS Express app.

- Diego Ramírez

I read Gizmodo everyday and some how missed this and would of passed it up if a friend of my mines didn't tell me to enter it.
I took this shot in a forest at sunrise with my Iphone 4 and edited it with camera+ I also took others but i felt this one was
the best shot to show what the Iphone can really do. The rest I've posted on Instagram and you can check them out here http://web.stagram.com/n/couchfuzz/
Thank for checking out my photo.

- Carey Ebanks

This photo was taken on my daily drive to work on the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston, SC. I used my Samsung Focus and leaned forward and took the shot directly up through my windshield.

- Alejandro Torres

Though I generally dislike taking photos with my phone due to the hassle involved with keeping the lens clean and changing settings, I admit it was nice to force myself to leave the bulky cameras at home for this challenge.


This was taken at the waterfront in downtown Annapolis Sunday evening as the sun was setting behind some fitful rain clouds. Shot on my HTC ADR6300 (Droid Incredible), ISO 200, other stats unknown, and cropped to get rid of distracting background stuff.

- Shaun Wrightson

As a member of the choir at church, we were doing our Good Friday services from a small chapel on our church grounds. The choir was in the balcony, and before one of the services, I took this picture of the front of the church. The lighting made for an awesome picture.


Shot with a Sony Ericsson 518a phone camera. f-stop 2.8. Exposure time 1/8 second. Focal length 4mm. ISO-250

- Bob Allen