A Brief History of Strange Prison Escape Tools

The recent Taliban prison escape was undeniably crafty. But especially noteworthy was the creation of the 320+ meter tunnel without power tools, which would have been too noisy. Here are six other great escapes, and the gear that made them possible. More »

Taliban Prison Breakers Interviewed

The Daily Beast has interviewed two of the men freed in the prison break we covered earlier today. One interviewee, Mullah Asadullah Akhund, described the escape in detail, while an anonymous commander was quoted as saying, "We are poor in technology, but with the help of All Mighty Allah we embarrassed the enemy with all its technology and weapons." More »

500 Taliban Prisoners Just Escaped Through a Long Underground Tunnel-Built Using No Heavy Machinery

In their biggest prison break since 2008, nearly 500 Afghani detainees (mostly Taliban members) escaped from the Sarposa Prison through an underground tunnel, dug from the outside. Now the U.S. military is searching high and low, hoping to corral the escapees back in. The crazy thing is that they built this long tunnel using nothing but basic tools-no machinery. More »

The World's Largest Tunnel Boring Machine: A 400-Foot, 9.5-Million Pound Mechanical Earthworm

Tunnels. What if you're not talking about thin, dirt tubes to move humans, though, but holes so big entire industries can flow through them? This is the world's largest tunnel boring machine: an Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) Shield developed by Herrenknecht AG. More »