Hero shot

This photo taken on my HTC Hero. I am running cynaogen with launcher pro. I was just chillen at the best skate shop in Texas Index skateboard supply and the clouds looked really cool so i took a picture of them. The only thing i did to this picture was adjust the saturation and the exposure in the settings.

- Dan Jarvis

This picture was taken in Times Square, NYC, as my friends and I were crossing the street to head back to a theater in hopes of winning tickets through the lottery we had just learned about. I took this picture using the Camera360 app on my Droid Incredible, using one of the LoMo settings, I think. Despite my detesting crowds, Times Square does make for interesting photo opportunities, especially when applying a more vintage look to the processing.

- Gina Todorovich

Was on the train home from NYC and saw this lady just slide over and pass out. It kind of looks like she's dead. this photo reminds me of an alien invasion for some reason.

- Nick Frega

Greetings!!! HAPPY EASTER!!!

- iPhone 3Gs (phone camera)
- Photoshop Express App (for exposure adjustment)
- PictureShow App (for effects - RedFilm)

Photoshop for resizing the image to 2560px wide and 970px wide.

The photo was taken on April 21 2011 around 4PM here in Anchorage, Alaska, with my iPhone 3Gs. I was inside my car stuck in traffic along Dimond Blvd. The sun was so bright, it looked like it's going to burst from the thick clouds that day. That moment, I took my phone out of my pocket and started taking photos with my iphone. After few minutes of taking pictures, I was still in the middle of a traffic jam.


- Nathaniel Abuan

Shot on my iPhone 4 in Lusk, Wyoming, Sunday night.

- Eric Hines

Well I can't really say much about this photo! It's of a mural on the
back side of our Convention Center in Downtown Raleigh, NC. The mural
is made up of a chain mesh that flows with the wind. I took the
picture with my Blackberry Bold and it's whopping 3.1 Mega pixel
camera. I was actually downtown taking pictures at sunset with my
really camera and decided to take a few with my phone. Enjoy!

- Bailey

I used my iPhone 4 (with my new histamatic app) for this shot.

I must admit that, before this challenge, I didn't believe much in using my cell phone for taking photos (I heart my T2i). After this week, however, I am a believer!!! Some of the apps make it quite interesting and fun! —Smartphones have come a long way!


For this shot, I actually like the "grainy-kinda-overexposed" quality that makes it look very vintage/antique. The added border also adds a fun element to a shot that, with my T2i, may have just looked pretty boring.

The actual place is Coolidge Corner, in Brookline, MA

- Diego Jimenez

I wasn't able to sleep so I decided to climb Mt. Nittany to watch the sunrise over the Penn State campus. I got the the top and watched as the sky turned from black to the blue glow of morning. As I was waiting for enough brightness for a landscape pic I grabbed this shot of the tree tops with an extended shutter. Shot with an iphone 4 using MagicShutter for an extended exposure and increased saturation with PS Express.

- Hope Jasper

I have been following the Shooting Contests for a while now, and as an avid filmmaker/photographer, I've always enjoyed clicking through the selected images. This is my first submission, and like many ineffably captivating photographs, came to me almost by accident. I was shooting a time lapse of the sunset for my next videography reel, and while lounging around in a field, I was playing with the Camera+ application I recently downloaded. After clicking through some of the pictures I took, this one caught my eye. Simple, but sweet. I hope you like it!

Camera specs:

iPhone 4
ISO 80
Focal Length: 3.8mm
Aperture: f/2.8
Shutter Speed: 1/25
Processed in Aperture


- Clayton

This photo was taken with my iPhone 3GS using the Camera Plus app. I then used Photoshop to sharpen and fix some of the levels.


This weekend I went to a concert and while I was there, I was captivated by this beautiful redheaded girl standing in front of me. She was with her friend and I never got a chance to talk to her. During the breaks, a spotlight would circle around the room and it really illuminate the area. It took a few shots, but I was able to time it perfectly that the light came in an amazing angle.

- Alex Alarcon

This shot was taken with a Nexus One while trying to take advantage of a curiously sunny and hot Saturday near Pittsburgh. Decisions were made to hit a bike trail. Of course, by the time we got out in the open the sky was overcast and the sun was gone. Stock android camera with few adjustments made in Aperture.

- Cliff Babinsack

An Easter Kiss

As soon as I saw the contest, I grabbed my iPhone 4 and shot the nearest subject. After a few takes, I settled on this portrait shot since it was, after all, a phone photo. I edited it with ColorSplash and Camera+. On Easter morning I spent some time looking at this photo and extracting a lot of meaning out of it, so regardless of the contest it was a worthwhile moment.

iPhoto states the picture was:
ISO 250 | 3.9mm | f/2.8 | 1/15

(Don't know if any of that means anything important to the contest)

Thanks for putting up the contest. I have always wanted to join but don't own an expensive camera.

- Alvin Mendez

The phone has a 5 mpx lens with ISO put on "auto" and I used Camera 360 (Black/White mode) app. I tried all the effects but only B/W came out the best. The 2 trees in the picture are right outside my apartment so I thought why not take it with the clouds. I took the picture right after it stopped raining. So the clouds were kind of dark and the night was about fall; a perfect mixture. I like taking pictures which includes nature. Although I am not a photographer, I try to take as professional as I can.


- Kathan Patel

Hi there.

This photo was take with my Motorola Milestone, after I stuck a dvd lens over my camera's lens like you guys informed me about...
It was pretty overcast on Friday so the only "post processing" was done in Photoshop Mobile; where I saturated the the colors a bit and enhanced the contrast.

This shot was kinda unintentional. I knew wanted to photograph wet grass with a macro lens. Seeing as the Milestone's (aka Droid) lens is quite high up I had to flip the phone upside down so that the lens is closer to the ground which was really wet and really nerve wracking. I didn't specifically focus on the droplet and I didn't even realize that there's a bunch of petunia's from the background also in the waterbead.

For the final composition I decided to keep the photo upside down so that flowers in the water bead would be right side up instead of the background flowers.

The photo's name is: Through the Looking Globe

Kind regards

- Stephan

Shot using a Galaxy S
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
App used: Stock camera app, with macro mode and exposure on 2


I've been wanting to shot a picture for the challenge all week, but I
got my chance just on Sunday. I went to visit my grandparents for
Easter, and I started to shot some pictures of my grandma garden. Of
all the shots (including burst shots, hdr and macro) I've took before
lunch, I've finally I pick this one as I love how well defined is the

- Ivan Mirson

Camera: iPhone4

Ran across this cool looking log with some flowers growing out of it. It looked
like an army of purple flowers were out to defeat the invasion of the yellow


The iphone picture lacked some punch even in HDR mode. Since the iphone keeps
two pictures in HDR mode that are slightly different in exposure values, it
seemed that Photomatix could punch it up a bit. A few minutes testing out
different settings resulted in the following picture.

- Sam Song

Hi guys,
I guess I missed the deadline for last weeks's challenge so this is my first entry. I was supposed to start my first photography class last week but it was cancelled on me. So now your shooting challenges are going to be my class. I'm not sure how to make the the photo the specific sizes that you are asking for but I did my best.


I used my iPhone 3GS for this shot with the standard camera app. I was at my church in Rolling Hills Estates, CA for my kids' Easter egg hunt. The sun had been in and out of the clouds all morning and it finally broke through at the end of the egg hunt. I didn't use any editing software or additional apps for the photo. I think it looks good enough without any add ons. I even like the pink lens flare that got caught in the shot.
I hope you like it and it fits the criteria correctly. I am looking forward to continuing with the shooting challenges each week in the hopes that it will make me a better photographer.


- Matthew Johnson

iPhone 4
Edited in TiltShiftGen

I went out to my parents house today for Easter dinner. I was playing in the backyard with my dog for a while (the subject of most of my pictures). My dad came outside and took over running the puppy and took my cellphone out to take a picture of my dad looking like Jay Leno in his Canadian Tuxedo (denim on denim).


That's when I remembered the Gizmodo contest for this week. I wandered around the yard for a while looking for something to snap. It had been raining and everything was covered in water and had nice reflections. On my parents deck they had their solar lanterns sitting out for some reason. I liked the lines on the deck and the lanterns are interesting.

I composed the shot to keep the rest of the deck furniture out of view. I shot this with my iPhone 4 in the camera app. I then took the picture into TiltShiftGen to edit it. I'm a depth of field nut and love it super shallow. This app works really good to fake that shallow depth of field that you just can't normally get when shooting with your cell phone.

The colors popped a bit more with what TiltShiftGen chose straight away in the app and I liked it. I cranked up the blur setting and put the sweet spot on the front lantern. I think it works really good to fake that nice fast lens or even a Lensbaby look.

- Chuck Pepper Jr.

This is a photo of my brother's dachshund puppy Layla (1 year old), which was shot on an iPhone 4 using Hipstamatic and Blackeys Supergrain film and the John S lens. It was otherwise unretouched. I love the Blackeys setting because it gives nice contrasty, sharp results which remind me of the old Tri X Pan Kodak B&W film.

Thanks for checking my photo out!

- Shawn London

I took this picture with my Samsung Focus. The image was a little blurry, but I was able to find a couple good (paid) apps. One allowed me to sharpen and raise the contrast of the image. I used another app to do the colorization of the flowers. I only used a computer to resize the image to submit.

- Pooja Mathur

iPhone 3G
Photoshop color adjustment

The sun was actually shining on Saturday after a week of greyness, so I took advantage and went on a little stroll with my girlfriend and dog around Museum Campus. There's always a buzz of activity, and it's fun to people watch. There's also a ton of nice views out there. This is a shot of Adler Planetarium. I love the roof lines and the blue sky and wispy clouds compliment the metal and glass nicely. It's got an interesting UFO appeal, too - fitting with it being of the planetarium. I also used this as Saturday's pick for my Daily Capture Flickr set.

- BJ Zink

This picture was taken with an iPhone 4. My friend has recently been pursuing an interest in LPs so I thought that this would be a good opportunity for the Shooting Challenge.


- Alex S.

Rex Me

My little one had his first sleepover on Friday. Star Wars insanity! I was ordered into the Captain Rex gear. How could I say no? They were adorable.
My phone was in my back pocket as I ran from the brownie-fueled mob chasing me down the hallway with Nerf guns and swords. My gun was only a blaster with sounds so I ducked into the bathroom to hide and
had the perfect pic moment. Vignette for Android, Portra effect with a little tilt-shift and an instant transfer frame.

- Leslie Renee

I used an HTC HD7 and all I used was the greyscale effect in the stock camera application. I tried to put it through several different applications including a full color version of this photo in the WP7 marketplace but I felt this one still looked the best.


I was excited to see that Giz was doing another Cellphone only challenge. I'm acutally a Videography Major but I do like taking photos. Plus I was excited to get a photo in this contest that wasn't taken with an I-Phone. Sometimes I feel like Cellphone photos are the most real because we can catch a real moment in our life. Often they're not scripted or fake they're just natural parts of our life. The photo decided to submit was one that I took while I was at work this past week. I work at a T-mobile store and this was just a co-worker friend of mine finishing up with a customer that came into the store. I feel like it is very natural. Just a slice of our lives without any posing or falsities to it. It was just Ryan, as he goes about his day.

- Jace Nelson

Camera - iPhone 4
App - Camera+ 2.2
F-number F/2.8

slight zoom, No filters used.

- Cheetah Woods

My iPhone 4 with the stock camera app. Taken in San Francisco with some edits done later in Aperture. A nice day trip with a good friend turned into a winning photo.

- Vince Wilcox

This shot was taken and edited with an iPhone 4 using the ProCamera app. While on a short camping trip over the weekend in Borrego Springs California, I took this shot at Font's Point standing on the edge of a cliff. The point overlooks this scene know as the "badlands." The badlands consists of many narrow slot canyons (think 127 Hours) and travel on for as far as you can see. What I liked about this view besides the badlands, are the clouds. The clouds almost appear flat and remind me of water pooling on a surface. Or in this case clouds pooling in the sky.

- Ryan Seibert

Took this photo while hanging out of my friend's car on the San Francisco Bay Bridge with my iPhone 4.
I cropped and straightened it in Photoshop Express on the iPhone 4. Then I used the Gotham filter in Instagram.

- Nick Ehrmann


We just returned back now from a SFO → Vegas→Grand Canyon →LA trip. All this while I had this cellphone challenge in my mind and made sure to click some photos with iPhone alongside my DSLR. Relatively new to iPhone, I downloaded the Microsoft Photosynth app along with the Adobe Photoshop Express app. This panorama was taken at the Little Colorado outlook on my way from Vegas to grand canyon with an iPhone 4 in blazing sunlight. The heights, depths and, sunlight created a dramatic effect. Then I used the PSExpress app to turn it into BW and tweak a little. Finally, used the Preview on the mac to tweak the color temperature and added a little sepia. That is it. I love Gizmodo.


- MullerianDuct.

Shot with an iPhone 3GS using Camera +. Used the cropping and Toy Camera editing profiles from within the app.


I was walking across a walkway near the ocean in Venice Beach and got an elevated view of the palm trees on the ocean front during a sunset with clear skies.

- Jody Abbott

Ever since I started following Gizmodo's shooting challenges, I've wanted to send in an entry. What better time than this cellphone challenge, since I always have my iPhone with me :)


I shot this while I was taking a walk around Old Sacramento. I was looking for something that would make a striking picture with my (limited) cellphone camera. Luckily for me the sun decided to come out of the overcast sky,and I had a few minutes for my shot. This was using the stock iPhone4 camera, and cropped using the Photoshop app.

- Sunil Seepuri

In the wake of all the innovations in science and technology, the single biggest milestone is Edison's light bulb.


Having a cellphone picture challenge for this week motivated me to make my submission for Gizmodo's shooting challenge. Though I make numerous clicks with my cellphone camera at the blink of an eye, this challenge made me look through this tiny lens with a renewed passion. This was taken with the Nexus S camera in Sacramento downtown, and cropped using Photoshop.

- Archana Kannan

As soon as I heard about this weeks Challenge, I put down my DSLR and picked up my phone. I took a short trip to Carlsbad California and while watching the sun set over the ocean, I decided to take this picture. iPhone 4 at ISO 80 f/2.8 shutter speed 1/2086 and 3.8mm lens ( 35 equivalent: 29.4mm)

- Chris Freeman

Taken with my iPhone3GS

I was out for a jog on Sunday night when I saw the sun rays shine through the clouds looking towards Staten Island. It was a nice moment before it started raining a half an hour later.

- Kris Lo Presto

For this challenge I took a photo of a statue of a "man reading a newspaper while waiting for the bus" (I don't know the actual name of the statue) at a bus stop near the gym I goto. Almost every time I see this statue from afar I think that someone is waiting at that bus stop.


I took this photo with an iPhone 3GS, using the Camera+ app. The photo was taken at night, with the nearby street lights as the only source of light for the photo. Within the app I used the new Clarity scene and then added a 70% Faded Effect to the photo. I usually don't like a lot of noise in my pictures but for this photo the noise adds a layer of texture to it.

- Robert Nakama

Have only had a smart phone for two weeks now but I'm always looking for things since I now carry a "camera" all the time. I was dog watching for the weekend so I was out early walking the dog and saw the concentric circles right away so thought I'd give it a try. The Iphone app Camera+ (99 cents) was nifty the way you touch the screen where you want to set the focus and exposure. The original image was decent and captured what I was trying for but I processed with Photomatrix using the tone compressor function to enhance the color and tone.

- David Johnson

Taken with an iPhone 4, IOS 4.3.2, native camera app.

This is an entry from the UK, but you said that would be OK ... :-)

With the weather being so nice this Easter weekend, we were having breakfast outside this morning and I noticed the shadows the chairs cast on the deck. I had my phone with me (it's surprising where we carry our phone with us these days, even at home) and took a couple of shots, one of which is attached.

- Angela M. Surkau

Sping Fire

I live in minnesota and it has taken a little time to warm up so we were excited to have one of our fist fires of the spring. I used my iPhone 4 along with the slow shutter app to captures the ember trails of the fire and my friend stoking it.

- Jared Grayden

This is Ellie, I found her laying on my bed one morning with the light shining just right on here. My iPhone is always on my nightstand next to the bed, so I grabbed it to see what I could do.
I had been messing with the iPhone tap to focus feature to see what kind of pics I could get and I was able to get this.


I used iPhone 4 with HDR setting on. This photo is very close to original with some brightness and slight blur added to the background using Filterstorm.

- Matt Pilgrim

I was hanging out at my in-law's place this Easter Sunday, and didn't expect to be able to get anything decent as these heinous clouds had been rolling through with rain all day. Towards the evening though there was a decent break and so I ran out and grabbed a few shots.

HTC Inspire, Android camera.

- Solomon Kamman

It really took me to wait for capturing this. I used my Nokia X6 (Carl Zeiss Tessar 2.8/5.2 AF 5MP) with scene mode to landscape, made the color tone vivid, and lastly changing the ISO to medium setting.
Well, actually before capturing this, I was sitting on a bench with my friend (we were waiting for another friend though), on the city side terrace of the mall,then I was just looking at the sunset for 10 minutes or so, then realized that I had to capture this scene. And here it the best I've captured.

- Anthony Salazar

So I have better pics from my trip to PR last week... But obviously I can't use it. So I just kept looking, but its training non stop lately. What we have here is a god pic of my Hostas plant on my yard. The sun was setting. It made for a good idea. So I captured the sun on the border off the plant, focused on the leaf, you can see my kids playing on the background. HTC EVO 4G, 8Mp camera, sRGB, 5mm focal lenght, ISO 122, WB auto, Man focus, geo tagged.

- Felix Garcia

Taken with an Iphone 4 with TiltShiftGen.
I was driving through the Texas countryside to take a swim in the lake and thought that taking a picture of the wildflowers in bloom with TiltShiftGen, might give a cool effect. This was my best one.

- Jochem van den Bosch

We took an unplanned trip out to the Oregon Coast with some friends that were dog-sitting for the weekend. It was a rare sunny day in April there and we spent a lot of time wearing the dog out with his frisbee. Being a Border Collie though he had a maddening tendency to run after the frisbee, catch it then get as low to the ground as he could and make you come and retrieve it. This is my friend on one such mission. I used the Pro Camera app on the iPhone 4 and adjusted the white balance a bit but not too much touch up. I like the monochromatic look that came out.

- James Deeley

Story: I was exploring Galveston, TX and wandered into the visitors center building. Inside was this tall sculpture of a very cartoonish cowboy, but he was faded and looked pretty old. I wanted to do a picture that was like a close-up view of emotion, so used FXCamera's Toy Camera filter, took it and it was gorgeous. Definitely one of the best photos I have taken with my phone (T-mobile G2).

- Matthew Gries

Iphone 4
Pro camera app for editing
ISO 100
3.8mm focal length

This was taken on my walk home (london based) today along the riverside.
I saw the light reflecting on the water and it looked like a path leading across.

- Selina Duncan

We had nothing better to do than to jump off things and take pictures. Shot on an iPhone 4 and edited in camera+.

- Joel

Anyway... I had taken a few photos for this challenge and was pretty happy, until that is I was driving home from my parents house after an Easter dinner. The sunset in my rear window was absolutely awe inspiring. I didn't know how to really capture the sunset since I was driving alone, and couldn't just have someone else take it. What I did was stick my hand out the window as I was driving and blindly hit the side button to take the photo. I think it turned out pretty well, especially the reflection off the rear driver side window. The shot definitely reminds me of leaving the farmland and forests for the big city.


Blackberry storm 3.2 MP. no clue on the other stats as it's kind of a crappy cell phone camera.

- Ryan Frank

My lead photo is that of a simple rose bud taken in my front yard in the Mojave Desert of Las Vegas, Nevada taken with an HTC EVO 4G. The problem with living in suburban Vegas is that the scenery is usually less than appealing and far from natural. A concrete jungle of house complex, after shopping outlet after apartment complex. (If you've ever seen a picture of Vegas from space you'd know what I mean) My possibilities of venturing to the art district downtown or to explore the phenomenon of Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, Valley of Fire or the surrounding desert is difficult for an aspiring college student who works two job that faces the limitation of $4.00 a gallon gas prices. So instead, I decided to prospect into the macro. A vast world usually left unseen and unnoticed by the human eye. To achieve my shot, I used a magnifying glass that has just the right enough proportions that it rested perfectly on the 8MP glass and metal bezel that makes up my EVO's camera. Megapixel for megapixel, the Android powered EVO doesn't have the best of image sensor, but with a little bit of technique and "Picsay Pro," I was able to achieve this stunning shot using nothing more than the stock HTC camera app.


The hardest part about this contest was not taking the photos, but picking a photo to submit. I had about 80 photos, which I later broke down to 40 that I thought were of enough quality to possibly submit to this contest. All in all, they are a must see. My entire gallery can be found here:

- Tyler Berlin