The exterior of the 2011 Smart Home during the day

The exterior of the 2011 Smart Home at night

The 2011 Smart Home's living garage roof

Uni-Solar panels installed atop the 2011 Smart Home

The Living Room features Florence Knoll Slipper Chairs upholstered in rubbRe, Oscar Isberian rug made from reclaimed wool from vintage kilim rugs, and Ted Harris Lamps

The Dining room boasts a chandelier made from old CFL tubes over a table created by Furniture Revival from salvaged planks.

The Kitchen shows off Science cabinets rescued from the University of Chicago and refinished by Furniture Revival over Squak Mountain Stone Countertops, which are made of mixed waste paper, recycled glass and low carbon cement. The induction oven by BSH Home and Naturemill Countertop Composter are both very cool.

The Entertainment Center was rescued from a post office in Springfield, IL. The Tape Lamp can be seen on the right and is hand assembled from old micro-cassettes. The lights to the left of the 55" LCD are d°light Bubbles by Diana Lin Designs.

This home office features an industrial work table rescued from the industrial corridor on the westside of Chicago, the Herman Miller LED Leaf Lamp, and the Numbers LED Clock.

The 10-year-old son's bedroom. You can see the very cool Starship Earth by Spherical Concepts in the upper left.

The Botany Lab features some of our fravorite science-minded items including a Vintage Steelcase Storage Cabinet from the University of Chicago, a miniature terrerium from Sprout Home, a Soil Lamp that runs on mud, and the Labbox Grower.

This is the Master Bedroom. You can see the Ping Lamps, which communicate via an Internet connection to respond when the other is lit, and the Starlight rechargable LED reading light. The night stands came from an Art Deco antiques dealership in central Ohio 20 years ago.

The Master Bath features two Cybertecture Mirrors that elegantly display and monitor the time, temperature, local traffic and news, energy consumption and health data via a wireless connection. The brick floor tiles were reclaimed from old factory demolitions in the area.

Ping Internet-connected lamps