This is the most interesting overall group of photo entries we've had in a Shooting Challenge in a long time. The irony? They were taken on your cellphones.

Lead Shot and Winner - Evo 4G

Downtown Los Angeles sunset from 10 W Frwy @ East Los Angeles - After moving to West LA area the thing that I miss the most about East Los Angeles is the beautiful sunset view from City Terrace hills. HTC Evo 4 Camera, LittlePhoto App (Various filters)
- Juan Ramirez

iPhone 4 + SlowShutter App

Shot this picture on my IPhone 4 on the way home. Saw all the beautiful lights at night and decided to give the "SlowShutter" app a try. As you can see it works very well. I then pulled the photo into the "Photoshop Express" app to crop it and work on the saturation, contrast, and exposure.
- Chad Hathcock

iPhone 4

I read about your challenges before but never thought of participating, I'm not a good photographer. But when I saw the lead shot, from my own school, I thought damn I can make this! So I grabbed my phone and started running in my whole apartment, looking for something interesting. There was clearly great sunlight conditions, but I didn't really got the thing before I went on my balcony. I thought this is it! After having tried a few shots, I got a really neat one of the balcony fence : I loved the effect! I then used Iris Photo Suite to enhance this effect and make a great sunset with more red,blue and less green, more contrast and a little less brightness. I think I nailed it, damn! iPhone 4
- Alex Unnervik

Nexus S + Vignette

Taken with my Nexus S using Vignette for android under a custom setting I call "Bleach". It's basically a bleach bypass w/ film grain & underexposed to compensate for the contrast. Usually use this setting when its real sunny because the colors just pop, but for some reason while waiting at Madison Sq. Park to get some shake shack, i looked up at the light post I was standing under & it looked eerie. Something made me pick my "Bleach" setting & out of it I got this, the clouds give the sky a painting look & the lamp replaces the Moon in the image.
- Omar Viscarra

iPhone 4

While walking downtown Little Rock, AR on a cloudy day as it got dark, I figured it was as good a time as any to look for my shot for this challenge. As I was about to pass by this building, I snapped this photo in the middle of a crosswalk. The fog gave it an interesting effect towards the top near the lights. Then, in Camera+, I started playing around with the filters. I liked how the pinhole effect gave it an "old world photo of new world architecture" vibe. The colors were very subdued by the gloomy afternoon, so I didn't feel so bad sucking the rest of the color out. Which is ultimately what I ended up going with. iPhone 4, 3.8mm, ISO125, f/2.8, 1/15s, Camera+, Clarity, and Pinhole Analog effect.
- Will Brown

iPhone 4 + ProCamera

I took this shot on my iPhone 4, using ProCamera with the manual focus and exposure turned on. I aimed the camera at light bulb and directed exposure square towards the edge of the bulb. I found when the square was pointed straight at the bulb, the exposure was too low and the result was quite underwhelming. I love ProCamera's low exposure abilities (for a phone, it's quite impressive), but I had attempted taking shots of non-power-saving light bulbs at home, and the results had been disappointing. I was over at my sister's house for Easter Sunday, and she has power-saving bulbs which I realised may have a better effect. I snapped this shot from directly underneath the bulb while standing on a chair to get closer.
- Meagan Roach

iPhone 4 (HDR Mode)

So during my normal commute to the city, I spotted a gentleman with a cool guitar case that I knew would be awesome to have a shot of. As I was fumbling to get my iphone camera app the subway train was fast approaching. I decided to use the HDR mode of the iphone 4 so that I could get a cool motion blur effect with the train and hopefully the guitar case man would remain deathly still (which he did!). For post processing I used a few apps. The first was a app called "filterstorm" and it pretty much functions as a full suite photo editing pc application. After doing some basic touch ups and color correction, I then used a great random effects generating app called "Plastic Bullet" from Red Giant in which I got the burn effect generated. iPhone 4, Regular camera app using HDR mode
- Krishna Yalla

iPhone 4

Taken with an iPhone 4, stock camera app. I was going for a drive around the north coast of Donegal where I live (Ireland), with my parents and brother, and we saw this lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula. I thought it would make a nice picture. I used Photoshop to tweak the levels slightly and that's about it.
- Stephen Coyle

iPhone 4

Was on the train home from NYC and saw this lady just slide over and pass out. It kind of looks like she's dead. this photo reminds me of an alien invasion for some reason.
- Nick Frega

iPhone 4 + ProCamera App

This shot was taken and edited with an iPhone 4 using the ProCamera app. While on a short camping trip over the weekend in Borrego Springs California, I took this shot at Font's Point standing on the edge of a cliff. The point overlooks this scene know as the "badlands." The badlands consists of many narrow slot canyons (think 127 Hours) and travel on for as far as you can see. What I liked about this view besides the badlands, are the clouds. The clouds almost appear flat and remind me of water pooling on a surface. Or in this case clouds pooling in the sky.
- Ryan Seibert

I know this just makes me sound old, but I can't believe that we're able to take compelling photographs on the same thing we use to call, text and drunk-text. As always, we have the galleries below and full-sized shots on flickr.

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