SETI Unplugged | Not the Acoustic Music Sort, the Ran-Out-of-Funding Sort

Which of Us Dies First?

What follows is unedited. These are the words of Teru Kuwayama, a photographer who has been to some of the most dangerous places in the world, at some of the most dangerous times to be there, taking the pictures that allow us to imagine what it's like. He is currently leading the project basetrack, which tracks the deployment of a battalion of US Marines in Afghanistan. The opinions in this piece are his own. The words are provocative. We ask that you read them with an open mind. More »

Hacker Typer Makes You Look Like You Actually Know Something About Coding

So I'm sitting at my computer one day and you walk up and ask if I have such and such album on my computer. I say, no I don't have it, BUT LET ME HACK INTO SOMEONES COMPUTER AND GET IT BECAUSE I LIKE PRETENDING THAT I LIVE IN A MID-90s CYBERPUNK MOVIE. More »

Chernobyl, 25 Years Later

Twenty-five years ago today, the sky fell on a corner of Ukraine. The Chernobyl nuclear plant, a symbol of man's triumph over the atom and the pride of a nation, experienced a system failure so complete, so devastating, that it left an irreparable wasteland in its wake. Explosions rang out. Radioactive smoke stained the early morning sky. And 350,000 people lost their homes forever. More »

168 Incredible Cellphone Photos

This is the most interesting overall group of photo entries we've had in a Shooting Challenge in a long time. The irony? They were taken on your cellphones. More »

GIZMODO at 2011 Smart Home – This is it!

As you may have heard, Gizmodo and the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago have partnered to curate the technology for this year's 2011 Smart Home: Green + Wired. More »

This May Be the iPhone 6 Screen: Sharp's Ultra-Thin p-Si LCD

Oh, you think rumormongering about the iPhone 5 is hot? Just you wait until you hear what's said to be in next year's iPhones-some bad-ass ultra-thin Sharp LCD screens, that's what. More »

This Commercial Was Made Entirely in Photoshop

While this is one of those ads that leaves you scratching your head and wondering what exactly it is they're advertising (I think handwash? On Virgin flights?), it's forgiven because the entire ad was actually made in Photoshop. That's right-no Illustrator to animate those...germs?, just good ol' fashioned Photoshop. More »

Sony's Android Tablets Are Game, Music, Video and Ebook-Downloading Titans

Focusing on the things that matter most to Sony-style, and media-their first two tablets are running Android 3.0 (yes, Honeycomb) and come in two very different form factors. You'll recognize the familiar shape of the S1, which measures 9.4 inches, whereas the S2 is a sort-of DS-type clamshell that we saw sketches of back in February, with dual-screens that both measure 5.5 inches. More »

People Wearing This Casio Watch Might Be Terrorists

If you wear the Casio F-91W watch, a cheap, widely available Casio watch, the US Government thinks you might be a terrorist. More »

A Supermarket Accidentally Opened When No Employees Were Working

What would you do if you walked into a supermarket with no employees inside? Dump everything into 5 carts and run? Steal all the alcohol you can? Grab store displays? Get a lifetime supply of cereal? Fruit? Or would you pay? More »