Reverse-Psychology Apology | Apple sort of explains the iPhone location tracking controversy

What the White iPhone 4 Says About the iPhone 5

I knew Easter was late for a reason this year: The Great White iPhone 4 is finally here. Nearly a year after the launch of the original iPhone 4, plagued by delay after delay, tomorrow you can buy the phone that seemed like it might never exist. More »

8 Tools to Help You Grow a Nice Green Garden

Despite the images of dirt and hand tools, gardening can be an activity for gadgetheads, too. I mean, you still have to be (mostly) into dirt, the sun, and leaving the house, but don't think you can't throw a few fun toys into the mix-including fire, robots and LEDs. Let's plant! More »

USB-Powered Electro Amp Jacket Trades a Little Dignity for Warmth

There are plenty of ways to stay warm. Luxurious scarves. Furry hats. Festive sweaters. And, now, USB-powered jackets that keep you toasty(er) with electricity. Columbia Sportswear's Omni-Heat line of outdoor gear is hinging on this novelty. Worth it? Mostly. More »

Why It Took Sony Seven Days to Alert PlayStation Network Users to the Security Breach

Personal details, and maybe even credit card details as well, have been stolen from the PlayStation Network after hackers broke into the system sometime before the 19th of April. But why did it take Sony so long to tell its customers-me! You! Your neighbor!-that they were hacked? More »

Trump Offered Obama a BP Spill Fix and "One of the Great Ballrooms of the World"

Donald Trump. Just a normal man with a normal ego. An ego so mild that he casually asked to be put in charge of BP repair operations. When he was turned down, he offered to build Obama a ballroom. Hoookay! More »

Sharp's Fantasy Room Turns Every Available Surface Into One Huge TV

Surely the ultimate bachelor pad would use Sharp's multi-screen display system in every room of the house. Even the bathroom! You never know when you'll have the urge to watch Sharks Vs Crocodiles: 3D! on the loo. More »

Test Yourself for Acute Pancreatitis with Foil and Jell-O

Testing for acute pancreatitis can take a while, which can be problematic. Brian Zaccheo, a student from the University of Texas, knows this. That's why he created this crazy sensor for under a buck-from aluminum foil, gelatin, milk protein, and a cheap LED light-that spots the condition in less than an hour. More »

An Ingenious New Sperm-Crippling Birth Control for Dudes

We need better birth control. This isn't terribly controversial. Most current birth control is based on decades old science, merely refined as the years have gone by. And there's still no male equivalent of the pill, which puts the brunt of the burden of long-term birth control on women. More »

Steve Jobs Trapped in Carbonite iPhone Case: Ice Cold

Okay, novelty iPhone case manufacturers, you've had a cute little run of it. But the medium has reached weird mash-up nirvana with this bad boy: Steve Jobs trapped in Han Solo's carbonite tomb, forever, on the back of your iPhone 4. More »