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How to Sew a Spacesuit

The Apollo Spacesuit is one of the most intricate garments ever assembled, way harder to make than your last cos-play project and nearly too difficult for even NASA. Fashioning Apollo shows how Playtex helped to put a man on the moon. More »

Watch This Insta-Roadblock Murderize a 15,000lb. Truck

If you like your vehicle carnage fast and total, then you'll probably just maybe be slightly interested in seeing what the Barrier1 Vehicle Arrestor does to a 15,000 pound truck traveling at 50mph. More »

Watch How the Police Raid a Cellphone

Everyone knows the cops have tools to get inside your phone. But what do they do? They suck your iPhone's entire soul in 15 minutes. With one single click. This is what it looks like. More »

The Ancient Japanese Tsunami Stones Kept Villagers Alive

A tiny village in Japan would've been wiped out by the tsunami had they erected their houses closer to the sea-views. However, they chose to abide by ancient tsunami-warning stones that carried the messages of their forefathers, and survived. More »

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Hooker Steals MacBook After Client Steals Sex

So you're a prostitute, and your client won't pony up the $200 to pay you for whatever you just did. In fact, he freaks out and flees the seedy motel room. Your next move? Jack his $2,800 MacBook, obvi. More »

This Submarine's Glass Dome Gets Tougher Under Pressure

The Triton 36,000 is an amazing submarine. Previous generations of the Triton only went to 3,300 feet but the new model uses technology from Rayotek Scientific to make a passenger dome that reacts to increasing pressure from increasing depth by becoming stronger. More »

This Teeny Sensor Fits In an Eyeball-and Is Solar-Powered and Wireless

A fascinating prototype of sensor the size of a cubic millimeter has been developed with a lot of brilliant technology inside-never mind that its specifically meant for glaucoma patients. The device takes measurements every 15 minutes and uploads the readings More »

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A Miniature Cross Section of a New York Street

This is a diorama inspired by New York's Canal Street. It doesn't just miniaturize the street though, it also includes the underside of New York City too-the labyrinth of subways that make this wonderful city move. More »

The Coldest Freezer on Earth Isn't a Freezer At All

Today's the first day it's actually hot in New York. And now, we wanna be cold again. Or eat cold things. Like the coldest popsicle on Earth, from the coldest freezer on earth. But it turns out the coldest freezer isn't a freezer, in the traditional sense, at all. More »

Lost Mayan City Found Hidden Under the Jungle

Thanks to 3D mapping, archaeologists have found the ancient Mayan city of Holtun, or Head of Stone. It's been long known that something was there but because of centuries of jungle covering the area, it was nearly impossible to know exactly what it was. More »