How to Airbnb | Everything you need to know to rent your couch out like a pro

MC Escher's Impossible Waterfall Is Not Impossible

Watching a real life version of Escher's Impossible Waterfall melts my brain. The more I look at, the more confused I get! Thankfully, the secret on how the whole illusion works is out. There's clear DIY instructions on how to make your own impossible waterfall on Instructables and that video above shows what's really going on. More »

Why Etch-A-Sketch Alone? Collaborate With Connect-A-Sketch

The Etch-A-Sketch has endured for years as a beloved drawing toy for children and adults alike. It's even been taken into the third dimension. But it's always been such a solitary activity...until now. More »

Rumor: Apple's Giant Cloud Is Live and Will Rain More than Just Music

Last fall, we lamented Apple's anemic Internet game-Ping sucks, iTunes is outdated, and Game Center is left hanging in the background. Rumors indicate iCloud could change all that-an online Apple world, cohesively streaming all your favorite personal junk. More »

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The $2 Billion Dark-Matter-Hunting Alpha Magnetic

Whenever NASA launches its next-to-last space shuttle, the Endeavour-hopefully two days from now-it'll be hauling an appropriately epic payload: the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. More »

This Titanium Bow Could Be the Next Great Bike Lock

The word "bow" doesn't exactly connote theft-deterring power, but when that bow is made out of titanium, it's a different story. The Kickstarter hopeful TiGr lock claims flexibility, hack-proof strength, and a sexy design worthy of your ride. More »

Turns Out That Jet Surfboard Is Pretty Fast

Remember that crazy battery-powered jet surfboard? Turns out it's pretty quick, pushing 20 pounds of thrust good for up to 12mph for a run time of almost 40 minutes. That's 3 times faster than most humans can paddle. The drawback is that the kit weighs an extra 15 pounds. More »

This Is What it Takes to Shoot Royal Love

In case you weren't aware, two very rich and good looking people in England just got married, and everyone in the world went into a frenzy about their hats and hair and shoes. So photos were key! Here's the gear. More »

Glock's 25th Anniversary Pistol Is Limited Edition But You Can Probably Get Your Hands on One

Limited edition usually means there's a slim chance of getting your hands on the object in question, but in Glock's 25th anniversary pistol's case, you could very well be one of 2,500 people to own one. More »

If You Stole a Car Stereo, Please Don't Ask the People You Stole It from to Install It For You

Anthony Trang is probably one of the unluckiest thieves you'll find. He stole about $2,300 worth of car audio equipment from a girls car and a few hours later, brought it to a car audio equipment store to get it installed to his car. The problem? The guy he brought it to, Eric Ford, was the boyfriend of the girl Trang stole it from. More »

Tune It Up Yourself with Bike Repair

I love my single-track bike in large part for its nominal maintenance requirements-there're only so many parts that can actually break-but it's still a good idea to know what exactly what I'm ripping apart before I start. Bike Repair from Atomic Softwares is like an anatomy book for bikes.More »

If Obama Really Has an iPad, Why Won't He Just Show Us the RECEIPT?

Is that Obama's iPad?! Look, he's made a few vague references about possibly owning an iPad (he's the president, man). And since we're making him prove the authenticity of everything right now, I WANT TO SEE A RECEIPT, DAMMIT. More »