This Gross Corpse Is Not Osama bin Laden's Cadaver

This image was lost some time after publication.

I know. You want to see the bloody bastard dead as much as I do. But this terrible photo of a battered Osama Bin Laden—which is just making the rounds—is not the real thing. It's just a terrible Photoshop job.

It's obvious that the dead Osama image is based on the photo on the right. The bottom half is exactly the same, scaled and saved as a low quality JPEG several times in order to achieve the bad cameraphone look. The person who doctored the image then put it together with an anonymous corpse photo—which acts as the background—and made a bad job at clone stamping blood and bruises all over his face. The result is gross, but not convincing.

Keep this in mind: Whenever the US government releases a photo of Bin Laden, it will be crystal clear and probably come with his dental records too. Until then, I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of these Photoshop jobs. Clearly, people need closure.

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