The Navy SEALs' Booty Was Yesterday's Biggest Victory

The most important achievement of yesterday's operation wasn't killing Osama. It was the US Navy SEALs' booty: dozens of computers, memory sticks and disks loaded with information that might just crush all of al Qaeda's network. More »

Here's the Latest on the Osama bin Laden Kill Mission

News updates have been flowing steadily since last night's surprise announcement that the U.S. military killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. Here are the latest news blips from this afternoon: More »

The Berzerker Black Hawk Helicopter That Helped Kill Osama bin Laden

Everyone wants to know exactly how the take-out-bin-Laden-operation went down. Part of what we know for sure is that badass Navy SEALs did the shooting, and were carried to the site by another elite team—the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, or SOAR (aka the "Night Stalkers"). More »

How Osama bin Laden Was Found

In this age of GPS signals, Foursquare check-ins, and iPhone tracking, how did America's most-wanted man, Osama bin Laden, stay hidden for almost a decade? A better question would ask how he was found, for that is the reason the world is rejoicing today. More »

Inside Osama's "Kill Site"

It's grainy and looks like it might have been shot on a cell phone, but ABC's got their hands on video from inside the house where Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden. It's about what you'd expect, destroyed and blood-soaked. More »

Meet ‘Seal Team 6′, The Bad-Asses Who Killed Osama bin Laden

The military team that killed Osama bin Laden is an elite special forces group unofficially called Seal Team 6. Officially, the team's name is classified and not available to the public, technically there is no team 6. More »

Video of Osama's $1,000,000 Secret Lair

It looks like an ordinary house protected with very high walls. In reality, this was Osama bin Laden's $1,000,000 secret lair. Inside, he hid for years before getting killed by US special forces. More »

Forensics, Biometrics and Classified Technologies Helped Track bin Laden in His Compound

The National Review has sources telling them the Joint Special Operations Command used forensics training, biometric analysis and NSA/CIA resources to help commandos survey, locate and kill Osama bin Laden inside his secret Pakistan compound. More

Osama bin Laden's Body Identified Using His Dead Sister's Brain

Know how the U.S. military was able to confirm the identity of bin Laden? They matched his DNA with a sample from his sisters brain which they collected when she died "several years ago." More »