Found You! | How the US tracked down and took out the world's most wanted man

The Turtle Pen Is Possibly the Only Interesting Pen

Pens! Pens! PENS! Excited? No, of course not, because when was the last time a pen was remotely interesting? Here's a nice exception to the rule: Turtle's "SNAPback" pens expose their tips with a pistol-like cocking action (so much innuendo!) More »

This Was the NYT's Front Page Before Someone Actually Shouted "Stop the Presses!"

The last time this happened it was during the first Gulf War two decades ago, so I got all giddy when I learned that someone actually had to shout "stop the presses" last night at the New York Times. More »

The Sad, Strange World of Tactical iPad 2 Pants

Have you ever possessed the urge to walk around with an iPad tucked into your (enormous) pants pocket? No? Neither have I-but people hoping for a tablet nuzzled against their asses are out there. With really ugly pants. More »

This Recreation of Osama's Killing Is Outrageously Insensitive, Totally NSFW and Absurdly Hilarious

Call me insensitive for finding this video funny if you want. Heck, you can call me an asshole too. Whatever. I don't care, because the only way this video could be any better is if it were real footage instead of a 3D dramatization from Taiwan. More »

Inside Osama's "Kill Site"

It's grainy and looks like it might have been shot on a cell phone, but ABC's got their hands on video from inside the house where Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden. It's about what you'd expect, destroyed and blood-soaked. More »

BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Phone Combines Touch, Type and NFC in Slim Bold Body

It's been a long time coming, but finally there's a touchscreen BlackBerry in the same Bold body we all love (or hate.) Coming in a 4G HSPA+ 9900 flavor and CDMA EV-DO 9930 variant, the handset also runs on a newly-improved BlackBerry OS, numero 7. More »

This Gross Corpse Is Not Osama Bin Laden's Cadaver

I know. You want to see the bloody bastard dead as much as I do. But this terrible photo of a battered Osama Bin Laden-which is just making the rounds-is not the real thing. It's just a terrible Photoshop job. More »

This Was Osama's Hideout on Google Maps

Osama bin Laden's dead. But before we offed him, he was camped out in a Pakistani mansion-and in typical internet fashion, it's already pinpointed on Google. The mapper's anonymous, but they reveal strange things-police station neighbors? More »

Five Engineering Students. Significant Budget. One Year. The Perfect Bicycle?

Voila! UPenn's super-sophisticated uber-bike. Five kids. Substantial funding and sponsorship dollars. Free reign to eliminate clunks gears and cables. It's called Alpha. More »

Size Isn't Everything: White iPhone 4 Has Modified Innards, Too

So the white iPhone 4 is a bit bigger in the trunk than its black-encased brother. No big deal, really, unless you're trying to swap cases between the two. Inside, however, we're learning there's even more to this peculiar story. More »