BOOM! HEADSHOT | Note to Self: Don't Get Shot in the Face

Boeing Phantom Ray: The Future of Unmanned Terror in the Sky

This aircraft is a peek at the future of unmanned aerial vehicles. Autonomous, stealthy, versatile. More »

Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors: Cut Like Wolverine

I love my knife; I carry it everywhere. It's nothing fancy, just a sturdy little lockback-but for most household chores it's more than sufficient. Well, it was more than sufficient, until I got my hands on the new Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors. More »

Coachella's 12-Story Mega-Stage Looks Like an Alien Death Machine

I can't remember the last time I noticed anything about a stage, versus the people performing on it. Had I been at this year's Coachella, I certainly would have (mind-addling drugs aside)-the thing was a rumbling LED supernova. More »

61 Moments Captured in a Single Attempt

I love you guys. I give you the hardest challenge ever-take a great photo with only one shot-and you choose very risky, high margin for error techniques and subjects. The best submissions? Screw ups...that created something unexpectedly wonderful. More »

Check Out the Demolished SEAL Team 6 Chopper from Space

Although no Americans were hurt in Osama bin Laden's takedown, one MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter didn't make it back-and was subsequently blown apart by US commandos. More »

Those MLK and Mark Twain Quotes You're Spreading on Facebook and Twitter Are Fake (Updated)

After the news of Osama bin Laden's death, reactions were split: there was the USA, USA, Greek Row kegstand contingent, and then those who saw the historical event as something more solemn and less bacchanalian. More »

The Navy SEALs' Booty Was Yesterday's Biggest Victory

The most important achievement of yesterday's operation wasn't killing Osama. It was the US Navy SEALs' booty: dozens of computers, memory sticks and disks loaded with information that might just crush all of al Qaeda's network. More »

Color the Walls with Your Pee

I've seen some crazy urinals in my day but none top the potential addicting awesomeness of this thermochromic urinal. More »