Too Kawaii | The brainwave-reading hairband will relay your emotions in the cutest way possible-nyaa!

Is This the Navy's Secret Helicopter?

Ever since SEAL Team 6 blew up its downed, stealth Black Hawk, aviation geeks around the globe have been trying to figure out what the hell it was. One flight expert has gathered the clues and created this detailed rendering. More »

How the First Waterproof Jackets Kept Us Dry

Long before Gore-Tex or Patagonia's H2No, people kept the rain off their backs with the most obvious of repellants: oil. It was a trick gleaned from mariners in the 1500s. Sails slicked with grease and oil better navigated nasty storms by beating back water. Between then and now, fabric impregnated with various oils and then waxes have become time-tested water proofers. More »

Today's Best Gadgets: Wednesday May 5, 2011

The coolest and best-designed gadgets of the day all in one place! More »


Navy SEAL dogs are badasses, yes. But did you know some of them have titanium fangs, designed to rip through enemy protective armor? More »

Fifty Years Ago, We (Tensely) Put the Second Man in Space

This week's situation room photo will likely be marked as one of history's most famous-fraught with anxiety. But there've been other American rooms filled with tension. When the US put Alan Shepard into space, it was serious business. More »

TruBlood Is Real Now

Hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier HBOC-201 is, in a word (or two), artificial blood-it delivers oxygen to your squishy organs. And, unlike real blood, it can be stored for years and doesn't require matching blood types. More »

Humans Enter Fukushima Reactor for First Time Since Quake Disaster

Not since an enormous quake (and subsequent explosions) crippled the Fukushima plant has anyone stepped foot inside-the radiation has been too thick for humans, leaving robots to do the job. But not today, as workers braved the millisieverts. More »

The Navy SEAL Team 6 Dog Is a Bigger Badass Than You

The word circulating among news outlets is that a single dog was involved in the Osama bin Laden raid. According to the UK Sun, dogs (typically German Shepherds) involved in Navy SEAL operations are usually strapped with armor and cameras to sniff for explosives, attack armed foes and provide valuable intel for soldiers. More »

The Jiggly Beauty of a 6ft Water Balloon in Slow Motion

Of all the slow motion videos we've seen lately, this one-a six foot water balloon at up to 2500fps-is up there with my favorites. Not because it's particularly well shot or creative. Or for any reason, really, other than that I'm just a hose and a slab of rubber away from making this happen in my own backyard. More »

Asshole Father Updated Facebook Before He Stabbed His Two Year Old Daughter to Death

Ramazan Acar is a fucker, I'm sorry. Wait, no I'm not sorry. He's a horrible human being who should be locked away in the pits of hell forever. After picking up his daughter from her mother (his estranged girlfriend), Acar updated his Facebook status to "Bout to kill ma kid" and then he walked over to his two year old daughter Yazmina and brutally stabbed her. He updated his Facebook status again: 'It's ova I did it'. And again, for good measure: 'Pay bk u slut'. More »