This Curtain is Super-Effective at Blocking Out Sounds (But Not Light)

What resembles a gauzy curtain-or a shower curtain, even-is actually a high-tech fabric that blocks out sound like nothing else before. Developed by the Swiss, the fabric is five times more effective at absorbing sounds than normal curtains, though I'm not so sure it blocks out the light as well. More »

Tell the Time While Pretending This Clock is a Solar Eclipse

I don't know about you, but I love solar eclipses. Only problem is, you can't look at them directly-or shouldn't, anyway. There are none of those rules with Cauca's Eclipsion clock though, which mimics solar eclipses with the positioning of the "hands." The clock costs $80, with $18 of shipping on top too. More »

KEE Desk Phone Dock: Hang Up

A handsome, sturdy phone on your desk is undeniably cool. You can slam it down in rage! And having an old fashioned, weighty telephone against your face just feels good. KEE wants to lend this sensibility to your iPhone-and it fails. More »

Sprint's Got Dibs on the Motorola BerryDroid Phones, the XPRT and Titanium

Motorola's two latest Androidphones, the XPRT (left) and Titanium (right), both have BlackBerry-style keyboards, and will be stocked by Sprint this June 5th (for the XPRT) and later this year for the Titanium. In case you need a refresher, the XPRT runs Froyo, and has a 3.1-inch HVGA screen with 1GHz processor, and will cost $130. More »

Nikon Camera Concept Adjusts the Balance Ergonomically and Stylishly

This may be something designer Ned Mulka whipped up in Illustrator, but I think he's onto the right path with his thinking that the DSLR needs to be redesigned and rebalanced. Sure, we've seen a more modern, streamlined approach with the micro four thirds cameras, but this concept, that shows the mirror, prism and sensor included in a rotating lens, is as fresh as they get. More »

Fossil Meta Watch Pairs With Tablets and Phones over Bluetooth For Always-On Updates

HP liked this Fossil Meta Watch "wrist computer" enough to include it in its future-gazing presentation a while back, but finally humble citizens of Earth can slam 200 notes down and grab one for themselves. Pre-orders begin on May 9th, but it won't be sent out until July. More »

I Wouldn't Mind Being Marooned On This Kitchen Island

This island has everything you could possibly want in a kitchen-save for a dishwasher. Oh, and a microwave. And I don't see a George Foreman grill there either. Ok, so it doesn't have every single cooking instrument you may need, but if you're limited on space but still want your kitchen to look like it's fallen from the pages of a home decor magazine, this would be my choice. More »