Big Bad Saw | This is what you use to cut down a mountain

Twitter Scales Mount Everest. Is Nowhere Sacred?

Climbing Mount Everest is one of the most dangerous, physically challenging things a human being can do. You'd think that if there were one place on Earth that could convince people to leave their phones at home, that would be it. You'd be wrong. More »

The Best Gadgets of the Day

The coolest and best-designed gadgets of the day all in one place! More »

The CIA Watched bin Laden For Months From Right Down the Block

In a safehouse in Abbottabad, Pakistan, a small team of CIA spies lived and worked for months. Their mission: collect information on a nearby compound suspected of housing the world's most notorious terrorist. More »

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How Is This One-Legged Chair Not Falling Over?

How is this chair, with only one of its leg on the floor, not falling over already? Hell, how can this guy stand on this thing! Is it a camera trick? Nope, just clever design. More »

This American Woman Woke Up From Surgery with an Irish Accent

Karen Butler, a 56-year-old woman, is American. She was born in Oregon, lives in Oregon but for some reason, after having oral surgery 18 months ago, she developed an Irish accent. I'm not even kidding. More »

The Top Secret Cat Special Ops Program Has Been Revealed

Dogs have been getting a lot of credit for their all around bad ass-ness in Operation Kill bin Laden but what about cats!? They're way smarter than dogs! And like super quick, crafty and lulz-bringing too! Couldn't the US Military find some use for that sort of feline intelligence? More »

Defective Toilet Paper Flooded the University of Colorado for Two Years

There are certain things in my life that I really, really hope don't turn out to be defective—seat belts, parachutes, the private browsing setting when I use my girlfriend's computer—but toilet paper might just have made it to the top of that list. More »

Proof that Ninjas Have Children Too: The NERF Blowgun Project

Father's Day is coming and, since the courts won't let you can't take the kids to a strip club like last year, you might as well teach them something about physics and craftsmanship. The Geek Dad's Guide to Weekend Fun by Ken Denmead has projects to help even the most irresponsible man bond with his kids. More »