Looking for a DSLR? Buy These Film Cameras Instead

Sure, the immediate impetus of Pop Photo's list of 12 film cameras to buy is the creeping price of DSLRs in the wake of Japan's giant mess, but really, summer is the perfect time to get into film, the perfect time to make seriously artsy photos. More »

When I Live in a Space Station, I'm Buying These Speakers

At $100,000, discussing the specs of these Grand Castine speakers as though they're attainable is an exercise in futility. Instead, let's just admit they're beautiful and spend the next 30 seconds ogling in silence. More »

Want a $25 Computer?

This skeletal computer absolutely WILL NOT run Crysis. However, it will (just barely) get you up and running on the internet, and is so small it can dangle from your keychain (though I don't recommend it). More »

This Microscope Can Detect Skin Cancer

Based on innovations from the last year, everything in the future will detect cancer. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. The latest to promise this ability is a microscope developed by the ever-innovative Fraunhofer Institute, capable of imaging a suspcious area of skin for melanomas. More »

Is This a Bluetooth Headset or a Water Faucet?

Nokia's J headset is both beautiful and minimal, in a retro sort of way. But if you look at it from the side, it's as though Kohler forgot they make kitchen/bath products and instead conjured this up. More »