Manhunt | Full Coverage of the Operation to Take Down Osama bin Laden

Apple Really Did Delay the White iPhone for a Reason

All that talk of complications and difficulties building a white iPhone 4? Apple wasn't BSing. NYT's Nick Bilton compared the newly released pearly model to a first draft, bought directly from Apple's Chinese factory. The difference? The old one's grungy. More »

Is This the Navy's Secret Helicopter?

Ever since SEAL Team 6 blew up its downed, stealth Black Hawk, aviation geeks around the globe have been trying to figure out what the hell it was. One flight expert has gathered the clues and created this detailed rendering. More »

The Navy SEALs' Booty Was Yesterday's Biggest Victory

The most important achievement of yesterday's operation wasn't killing Osama. It was the US Navy SEALs' booty: dozens of computers, memory sticks and disks loaded with information that might just crush all of al Qaeda's network. More »

The Navy SEAL Team 6 Dog Is a Bigger Badass Than You

The word circulating among news outlets is that a single dog was involved in the Osama bin Laden raid. According to the UK Sun, dogs (typically German Shepherds) involved in Navy SEAL operations are usually strapped with armor and cameras to sniff for explosives, attack armed foes and provide valuable intel for soldiers. More »

How to Respond to Facebook Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday. Yeah! But unlike when I turned 18 (old enough to bet the ponies) or when I turned 21 (duh), I don't really care. And like many of us on our *special days*, I'm getting a lot of love on facebook: from old friends, family members, professional contacts-that random guy whose friend request I accepted while drunk and who now invites me to "ragers" almost every weekend. It's actually quite touching, and I totally appreciate it. But also: a puzzle. How do you properly acknowledge all of this good will? Unless you have like 4 friends, answering each post is a losing proposition. More »

61 Moments Captured in a Single Attempt

I love you guys. I give you the hardest challenge ever-take a great photo with only one shot-and you choose very risky, high margin for error techniques and subjects. The best submissions? Screw ups...that created something unexpectedly wonderful. More »

Giz Explains: What Happens when You Get Shot in the Head

You may or may or may not see it coming, but it doesn't really matter. You're not going to have time to react. Because a bullet can travel at speeds exceeding 3200 feet per second, which is too fast to duck or yell or plead. Hang in there. Taking a cap to the dome means that it will be over faster than a fatal wound anywhere else. More »

Five Engineering Students. Significant Budget. One Year. The Perfect Bicycle?

Voila! UPenn's super-sophisticated uber-bike. Five kids. Substantial funding and sponsorship dollars. Free reign to eliminate clunks gears and cables. It's called Alpha. More »

Asshole Father Updated Facebook Before He Stabbed His Two Year Old Daughter to Death

Ramazan Acar is a fucker, I'm sorry. Wait, no I'm not sorry. He's a horrible human being who should be locked away in the pits of hell forever. After picking up his daughter from her mother (his estranged girlfriend), Acar updated his Facebook status to "Bout to kill ma kid" and then he walked over to his two year old daughter Yazmina and brutally stabbed her. He updated his Facebook status again: 'It's ova I did it'. And again, for good measure: 'Pay bk u slut'. More »

Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors: Cut Like Wolverine

I love my knife; I carry it everywhere. It's nothing fancy, just a sturdy little lockback-but for most household chores it's more than sufficient. Well, it was more than sufficient, until I got my hands on the new Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors. More »

Here's More Proof that Navy SEALs Are Unbelievable Supermen

If the perfectly executed killing of Osama bin Laden didn't convince you that SEALs are walking nuclear bombs with bear claws and the tail of a velociraptor, consider the above photo. More »